Ex-Scientologist story #256, “The S Files.” Co$ fraud in the UK.


This is a video showing the dark and sinister cult of Scientology as it really is.  The site is the Scientology Mission of Bournemouth, an English Chanel in Dorset.  The victim is one Alex Bowerman, a young man who had entered the cult via their rigged personality test.  They soon found his “ruin” or weak point and gave him the typical hard sell of Scientology, in one case until the early hours of the morning.  They persuaded him to cash in his life insurance policy.  In one week he was parted with over 25,000 pounds.  When it dawned on him that something was far wrong with all of this they then sought to use the “secret confessionals” against him. 

Defector Mike Rinder while he was still a Borg member.

This video is an excellent example of how journalism can shine the light on a crooked, thieving, blackmailing cult.  It should be noted that Mike Rinder, now a defector, did his best to deflect criticism of Scientology by carefully worded evasions and lies.


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