Ex-Scientologist story #257, “The Bournemouth Horror.”

H. P. Lovecraft would have agreed with the title for this post.  Here we see people as victims of a huge ugly monster whose tentacles reach all over the world.  It moves best in the dark where it lurks in the shadows looking for unsuspecting victims.  Once it strikes it will suck the life out of the person, after first taking all of their cash and available credit.  The hideous aspect of this beast is always hidden from the victim.  Sometimes the survivors are left in such a dazed condition they cannot say for sure what happened.  Most of the ones who survive the attacks simply sucrry away and get on with their lives such as they are; some fewer resolve to fight the beast and warn others.

Of course we are talking about Scientology; still the allusion to Lovecraft is not out-of-place.  For behind the smiling front put on by empty brained actors and paid shills, the beast of Scientology is as Hideous as any of the Ancient Elder Gods of scary literature.

Andrea Catt  left Scientology with her conscience intact.  That led her to seek out the media so that she could expose the truth about what Scientology really is.  Here are some excerpts from The Guardian, 28 November 1996, Page 7.

The Guardian, 28 November 1996, Page 7

FORMER members of the Church of Scientology claim widespread VAT fraud and financial malpractice take place at one of its UK centres, as well as systematic targeting and manipulation of the emotionally vulnerable to extract money. Payments for Scientology courses and books were entered as donations in the accounts to avoid thousands of pounds of value added tax, former members claim.

They also maintain in The Big Story, to be broadcast this evening on ITV, that Scientology staff helped new members to obtain bank loans under false pretences, to sell assets, to cash in insurance policies and to hand over the proceeds, generating a turnover of about £20,000 a week at the Bournemouth Scientology Mission in Poole.

The allegations will be a serious setback to the Scientologists’ recent attempts to win respectability. These include a pending application to the Charity Commission for registration as a charity and ITV’s recent decision to allow them to advertise on television with a campaign on the theme of trust.

“We lied to banks, people obtained loans under false pretences. It was whatever we could do to raise money,” said Andrea Catt, a Scientologist who became registrar at the Bournemouth mission for 1988-95, despite their knowledge of her history of financial malpractice. . .

Such large sums from members were routine at the Bournemouth mission, Ms Catt claims. “People were persuaded to re-mortgage their homes, sell their homes, cash in the policies supposed to pay off their mortgages, borrow against pensions, sell family jewels, borrow from their families, sell their cars. Anything you can possibly imagine that a person could do to raise money, people were persuaded to pay into Scientology.

“If a person filled a loan form in saying the money was for Scientology, they’d get a very negative response so people were encouraged to say that the money was for a management training course, a computer, a car, a boat … Sometimes we’d fill them in for them. Then they’d sign it and it would be submitted to the bank on a completely false basis.”

Here follows a video that is well worth watching.  Here the Scientology monster is tracked to its lair.

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