Ex-Scientologist story #259, How to get a refund in Melbourne.

Another Australian Scientologist throws in the towel and gives up the cult.  Scott Bradley here gives some very useful information; he tells how to get a refund from the Melbourne Org.  After reading this you understand why it is so hard on the local Scientology orgs to refund money.  They have already sent money uplines, which will never come back, and they have spent the rest of it on the usual expenses.  So in order to pay the money back they must first take it in.  If everyone who had money on account in Melbourne wanted the money back that was still unused for services, hell, it would bankrupt them!!


In the interests of disclosing that which the church wont disclose, and helping those the church wont help (its own public) I want to explain to you some points on the church’s public accounts system. That is the money that you, the paying public (and paying staff members) have put onto their own accounts at the Church of Scientology. Generally, this advice is applicable to all orgs, but as I was on staff in the Treasury Division at the Melbourne org I can talk specifically about Melbourne.

Some back ground data on me. My name is Scott Bradley. I was, until earlier this year, the Director of Income at the Melbourne Day org. If you are still onlines there then you may have heard some black PR regarding the reasons for me no longer being there. The church can say what it likes. I will present you some facts about me just so you may put any black PR you have encountered into contact with some truth, and decide for yourself what sort of person I am.


The current scene at Melbourne Day is that they have $1 million approximately in undelivered services. This means that over the decades they have been in operation they have collected this money but never delivered the services being paid for. This also means that the money still, legally, belongs to the public who put that money onto their account. It does not belong to the church. These are referred to as advanced payments. I am not talking about money already spent by having received services or materials.

In the first few months of this year, whilst I was still on staff, the Melbourne Day org refunded approximately $40,000 of advanced payments. It took several months each time, as the Org has to obtain that money anew before they can refund it. When the org originally receives it, they allocate it per LRH policy at the weekly FP meeting. Percentages go to Int Management via Flag. Promotion is funded. Bills are paid. And if it is a reasonably good week then staff are paid. Money is also put aside into a reserve account, and into a CVB account. CVB stands for Claims Verification Board. It is from this account that refunds are paid. However, as mentioned above Melbourne has $1,000,000 liability, but they most certainly do not have $1,000,000 in their CVB account (closer to $5,000 or $10,000). They have spent that $1,000,000 in operational costs. In other words, the public who have yet to recieve most of their services have been funding the operation and survival of the Melbourne org. I would think that it is the case in most orgs around the world.

So, in my experience, the org does refund. Especially if it gets onto the DSA’s lines. It just doesn’t do it immediately, as it doesn’t have the funds available.

Now, what if a significant percentage of these monies paid for services as yet undelivered were requested refunded by the public? It would have a serious negative impact on the Melbourne org. And remember, it isn’t their money in the first place. Not until they have delivered the services.

So if you are, or have ever been a public at the Melbourne org, you may actually have funds sitting on account doing nothing. It is still yours.


First thing you want to do is request an “Account Statement” from the Treasury Secretary – Greg Peart. An Account Statement lists out money on account. You may also want to request an “Account History”, and list the time period you want this for. This lists out all the individual transactions related to your account – “Credits” = money paid onto account, “Debits” – money used from account, to pay for services or materials. The computer system has been operational since 1996. All account details from before this period is in the hard copy files. The data still exists and is available.

When you confirm if you have money on account with Melbourne Day (or Foundation – two seperate orgs), next step is to write a letter requesting this money to be refunded as you no longer wish to recieve Scientology services. Write to the Treasury Secretary (Greg Peart), and CC (carbon copy) to DSA (Mary Anderson). Make sure to CC to the DSA. The Treasury Secretary will be concerned only about the financial impact that your refund request has on the Org, but the DSA will be primarily concerned about the negative PR, and legal, affect your request will have. The DSA will want you handled and sent on your way asap. Use these two opposite dynamics to your advantage.

Give it at most about two weeks to hear back from the Treasury Secretary about what his plans are for refunding you your money. Remember at all times – it is YOUR money. Expect it to take a month or more, depending on how much you are requesting. If you have $20,000 or more then you should allow a few months realistically. But keep in communications with both the Treasury Secretary and the DSA as necessary, just to let them know you haven’t forgotten.
This is from the Ex-Scientologist Member Board,  Oct. 1, 2008.  Go here to read the follow-up posts.   http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?7903-An-Open-Letter-To-Melbourne-Public&p=150475#post150475

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