Ex-Scientologist story #261, Spies for the Guardians Office.

Ford and Andrea Schwartz.

Hubbard set up the Guardians Office, with his wife in charge, to deflect any and all criticism from Scientology.  This included spying on government agencies, newspapers and the lawyers who represented disgruntled former members.  Scientology even managed to infiltrate the offices of the FBI and other government agencies in an effort to determine what sort of evidence they had against L. Ron Hubbard.  He was in hiding at the time but thought if he could control the negative information against him the way would be open for him to return to living openly in society.  This program was known as “Snow White.”  But as usual Scientology proved to be inept, this time at spying, and the whole house of cards came down on top of Mary Sue Hubbard and the rest of her office; she and some of her underlings ended up in federal durance vile while Hubbard stayed in hiding.

Part of this spy  were Ford and Andrea Schwartz.  They have long since parted with Scientology so this tale is of more historical interest than anything else.  Their targets were the big ones; Michael Flynn the attorney who sued the cult on behalf of a number of former members and Paulette Cooper, a journalist that Scientology was trying to get either thrown in prison or mental institution, depending on which dirty plot worked.  Some of the story you will find here:


and here you will find Andrea giving a generalized view of Scientology: http://www.icsahome.com/logon/elibdocview.asp?Subject=Leaving+Scientology+%96+Exit+or+Detour%3F

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