The siege of Ingleside on the Bay, the Hypocrisy of Scientology.

Yorktown surrenders.

[After years of yammering for “religious freedom” hypocritical Scientology descends on a small Texas costal town to deny others their freedom of thought.] 
There are many famous sieges in history, the Siege of Alesia and the Siege of Sevastopol come to mind as two of the best examples.  In the New World however, we have few such examples of military ardor to read about beyond the Siege of Yorktown and the Alamo.  Until recently that is.  Now the Siege of Ingleside on the Bay, Texas, is working its way into the history of America just as sure as if it were apple pie and hot dogs.

The siege of Sevastople.

No, it is not the Mexican army that is fighting its way north to recapture lost territory. You can look far and wide yet you will not see any of the paraphernalia such as facines and sap rollers inching their way forward to the next parallel.  Armchair generals will look in vain for howitzers and mortars used to blast the counterscarp and covered ways into smithereens.  
Since the Mexican Army has been ruled out your next guess would be terrorists and extremists running amok with AK-47’s and screaming for Allah.  The mental image of these turbaned fighters landing on the beach like we did at Iwo Jima presents a stirring mental image but no, no such invasion has transpired.  
The invasion that I have alluded to thus far does indeed have something to do with extremists but not of the Islamic variety.  Nope, these folk are Scientologists; it is not for Allah these wild-eyed fanatics cry for, it is for David Miscavige.  
The hell you say.  David who?  What?  The admiral of the Scientologists in Texas??  
Well, not in person, he is known as taking a dim view of exposing his own carcase to any physical danger.  He has sent flunkies, private investigators and deranged people who think they are “Operating Thetans,” or simply “OTs.”  These people believe they have special powers.  The truth is that they are deluded and lack even ordinary “powers.”
So what is this all about?  Well, it is a fairly simple story.  A couple of former stooges of David Miscavige, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, got disgusted with the way he was running things and decided to quit and go out on their own.  They did not give up on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, only the way the organization was being run by Miscavige.  Since leaving a few years ago they have banded together with other like minded people to practice Scientology the way they say it was intended to be practiced.  These people, who are termed “independent Scientologists,” have avoided all of the controversy of the Miscavige bunch.  They don’t stoop to grubbing for money or indulge in any of the other behavior that non-Scientologists find so offensive.  True, they are stuck with Xenu but since all religious beliefs are subjective they can tough that one out.
Siege, what siege?  Well, David Miscavige is not going to sit and let people enjoy something as evil as freedom.  That is simply not his way.  It was humiliating the way Mark and Mike spoke of his flagrant beatings of subordinates in the press.  He also took umbrage at their statements detailing the decline of Scientology under his leadership.  Right now Scientology is faring about as well as an iceberg on the equator; fingers are being pointed; pointed in secret often but nonetheless the decline in membership is palpable.  Dictators cannot abide having their dirty laundry hung out in the village square. 
The independent Scientologists are in the sights of the self-appointed dictator of the cult.  He is resolved apparently that if they rob him of his well-earned nightly repose he will give them no peace either.  His minions are shadowing the independents and dogging every step they take.  Every move they make is filmed and photographed.  The harassment is non-stop.  The independent Scientologists are indeed “under siege.”
This story covers the whole issue: 
 Scientology Goon Squads Face Fines After Texas Town Rallies To Marty Rathbun’s Cause,
The best chronicle of these proceedings can be found in Marty Rathbun’s blog:
This has not gone unnoticed in the press.  If the leadership of Scientology think that this will somehow enhance their image they are deluded.  Here is a piece for the Village Blog that touches on this subject.
And here is yet another part of the story:

A new era in siege warfare; the use of morons.

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