Ex-Scientologist story #263, Kevin G. Brady, another family hurt by the cult.

Kevin G. Brady posted a message to his children on the Scientology Disconnection site, here are some excerpts:

“There is a lot I would like to say about my children who endured the Sea Org for 12 and 13 yrs of their lives. It took me three years to get them out after I myself left – three years of fear and threats and lies. I’m only sorry I didn’t succeed when I originally left. I could have stopped the cadet org abuse from ever occurring. I found out after my children had grown how they were beaten and sexually abused while in the Cadet org. I wish I had known. For everything that happened to them – at the beach when they were forcefully taken from me – to their stint in the Cadet org in PAC I am so truly sorry. They won’t talk about that time in their lives. I don’t blame them. I won’t go into details – many things happened and many are bad. They are free and they are living their lives happily now. For that I thank God!” Ozzie

“My Son, I am sorry for the neglect I subjected you to while I was on staff. You deserved my love and care, instead you received ethics handlings and fear. Please forgive me.”

“I was going through a very serious crisis, and concerned that I might be dangerous to myself and others, and the Church fed this idea by declaring me a “Suppressive Person”. I was compliant with this, and decided it would be best for you if I left, and if I didn’t insinuate myself into your lives. I thought it would be best for you if I cut the cord… Nitza, I recently watched the movie “Hard Problems”, and it was wonderful to see you again, even if through a movie camera. Zeb, I’m very proud of you for your success, and glad to see that you have remained the person I remember so well from your early years, although you’ve obviously grown a lot and deepened into the man you’re becoming. Gabby, what can I say. A daughter is famously the apple of a father’s eye, and you are no exception, for me. I am very sorry for my poor judgment being involved with that Church, and words cannot express how sorry I am that you paid the price for my ignorance and poor judgment when I was a teen parent.” Kevin G. Brady

For  the entire post go Watch this:

Here he is with Tory Christman telling his story.

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  1. Otherwise, thanks for the attention to this story. As an update, I am reconnected with both of my children, after many years. Success!

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