Ex-Scientologist Story #264, How to repay the “freeloaders” debt.

The Sea Borg of Scientology.

“Sam” Samuelsson quit the cult’s Sea Borg where he had worked like a slave.  His long hours at an absurdly low rate of pay; Scientology has no shame when it comes to money; they sent him a bill for the courses he took.  He found a good way to pay them back.

My name is Per-Olof Samuelsson, but if I have met any of you, you might remember me as Sam Samuelsson, because everybody used to call me that in my youth.

I was involved with Scientology for about a decade, from 1967 to 1977, the last five years as a Sea Org member. I worked as a Swedish translator at Pubs DK in Copenhagen. I left the SO and the CofS in October 1977 with the firm intention never to return. I have since been living a fairly happy and productive wog life.

In the early 80s I received demands from the CofS that I repay my “free-loader debt”. I figured out that, since this is a debt that is accumulated over a period of one billion years, it can also be paid back over a period of one billion years, so I agreed to pay it in installments of 0.05 Swiss Francs every one thousandth year. The CofS wasn’t exactly happy with this solution, but I also wrote an article about it which I managed to get published in a Swedish magazine. Since then, the CofS has left me virtually alone. (There were a couple of feeble attempts to make me accept “amnesties”, but this was also in the 80s.) I haven’t even had to think about Scientology since then (frankly, I have lost all interest in the subject).

However, quite recently, the CofS seems to have decided that I have no more urgent wish in life than to rejoin and “come back on lines”. A few months ago, I began getting phone calls from somebody in Copenhagen. I told him I am not interested (I even asked him to look up the word “not” in a good dictionary and then use it in a few sentences, until he understood the word – to no avail, of course). Finally, I got so fed up with this that I disconnected my phone (I was going to change to using a mobile anyway, but this hastened my decision to do so).

As if this were not enough, in the beginning of June I received a letter from the Director of Income at AOSH Europe together with a statement of my “free-loader bill”. The accompanying letter told me “one very good data from LRH is that communication can solve any problem” and that “I will try to help you as much as I can and I think you also can help me”. Obviously the girl thinks that making financial demands that would ruin me for life, if I took them seriously, is “helping” me.

I have reported both those matters to the police in Copenhagen, but I have not received an answer yet.

So what I wonder is if anybody on this forum has some advice as how I should go about getting those people off my back.

This was posted on the Ex-Scientologist Member Board.  To read it and the follow-up statements go here.  http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?12694-Introducing-myself/page2&highlight=samuelsson

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