Ex-Scientologist Story #271, Fred and Valerie Stansfield.

Fred and Valerie Stansfield were ardent Scientologists.  That is until they came up against the innate meanness that distinguishes Scientology from weaker cults. Here is what John Atack had to say in his book, “A Piece of Blue Sky.”  From chapter VII.

For many years, Valerie Stansfield ran her own auditing practice. She had been in Scientology for twenty years, and as a Class 9 Auditor was very highly trained. In March 1983, she was telephoned by a Finance Policeman and given half an hour to come to his office. She politely refused, and after a harangue agreed to an appointment that evening. When she and her husband Manfred arrived, she was told that her nutritional counselling was “squirrel.” Then the Finance Policeman read a list of accusations, and demanded that she hand over the counselling folders of all her clients immediately. Valerie reluctantly agreed to give the Finance Police the folders, but urged that they wait for a more opportune time to pick them up, as there were clients at her house. 2

Then International Finance Police Ethics Officer Don Larson walked in and started berating Valerie. He screamed abuse at her, and ordered his underlings to remove Manfred Stansfield, who refused to leave. Larson accused them both of “squirreling,” and told Manfred he was Suppressive. Manfred returned the insult, to which Larson replied “You’re a fucking SP [Suppressive]. Get out.”

Shocked by this aggressive treatment, the Stanfields wrote to their friends. The letter was one of the first public statements about the tactics of the new management; it was recopied and distributed to an increasingly bewildered Scientology field. Outlandish fines were imposed on some of the new members of I HELP. One Field Auditor was fined for introducing two of his Preclears who subsequently did business together. This was somehow construed as a breach of ethics. 3

Valerie gets back at the cult with a sharp and shrewd critique of the cult:

As for Fred he had his brushes with some OSA volunteers known back then ans “minute men.”


Three alleged Minutemen incidents involved Fred Stanfield, a disaffected church member who was one of Hubbard’s earliest followers in the mid ’50s- Stansfield claims he received a death threat from a Scientologist “friend” on March 24, 1984 (a threat reported to the FBI). On October 20, 1985, incident allegedly involved a physical attack on Stansfield by four long time church members who also pelted his house with eggs, while a November 11 attack saw Stansfield verbally harassed by several people who identified themselves as Minutemen.

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