Ex-Scientology story #273, Child abuse in the cult exposed.

Sheila Huber saw first hand how Scientology treats children and as always, it is a grim story.  Her statement is part of an expose done on the cult by ABC Australia, it was aired on May, 18, 2010.

Lateline interviewed Scarlett Hanna, the daughter of Australian Scientology president Vicki Dunstan and former public affairs director Mark Hanna, supported by Sheila Huber, a former executive establishment officer in Los Angeles.

Scarlett Hanna’s parents are members of the elite circle known as Sea Org. She grew up in a now-disbanded group called Cadet Org, who she said were separated from their parents and lived in overcrowded conditions without adequate food or medical care.

“The best way I can describe [the treatment of children] is as cattle,” Scarlett Hanna said.

At 13 Scarlett Hanna was sent to live with adult members of Sea Org in inner Sydney, living a largely unsupervised life from 9am to midnight, and dodging classes at what she described as one of the city’s roughest schools.

“I was being bullied and bashed and so I just stopped attending school,” she said.

“I started hanging out in parks because I was so socially isolated and this led me to being raped by a convicted murderer and running away.”

Huber told Lateline that she had worked for Sea Org as a nanny for Cadet Org children.

She had no training and had sole care of 30 children under 3 packed into a one-bedroom apartment.   “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “It was wall-to-wall cribs.”

To read the entire story go here: http://religiouschildabuse.blogspot.com/2010/12/daughter-of-scientology-leaders-in.html

Here is a film clip of Sheila and others talking about the abuse of children in Scientology. This is painful to watch.  Welcome to the wonderful world that L. Ron Hubbard wants for the rest of us.

Here is an excellent new video of Sheila Huber talking about Scientology.  VERY GOOD. !!!  (December, 2011)


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