Ex-Scientologist story #276, Perry Scott takes a deeper look.

Perry Scott and his wife took some introductory courses in the 1980’s and then drifted away from it.  Later he would discover what a close shave he had with a greedy, paranoid and dangerous cult.  When he understood how close to the edge of the cliff he had been dancing he took a long look over his shoulder at what he missed.  He posted a lot of this during the wild days of ARS in the 1990’s.  This did not endear him to the cult.

What is the E-Meter?  Is it Science?  http://www.ezlink.com/~perry/CoS/freq_resp.html

The Training Rountines.  http://www.ezlink.com/~perry/CoS/TRs.critic.html#tr1

OSA Network Orders.  Hubbard’s claim to being “offlines” is debunked.  http://www.ezlink.com/~perry/CoS/OSANWO/

And for a bit of video flavor I have included a little something about the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard. 

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