Ex-Scientologist story #274, “Ten years wasted on Hubbard’s balderdash.”


The cult of greed and bullshit,

I Wasted About Ten Years on Hubbard’s Balderdash

Thomas Sorensen joined Scientology and was recruited for the Sea Org in Copenhagen.  Worse yet he was put in the GO or “Guardians Office.”  This is the nasty, criminal part of the cult that took care of critical reporters, SPs, and of course the agents from the drug companies, psychiatrists, the CIA or whatever paranoid fit they happened to be having at the time. Since this was written the GO was replaced by OSA, the Office of Special Affairs which is just old wine in new skins.

“…the book ‘DMSMH’ persuaded me to disregard my own judgment and sanity.”

I wasted about 10 years on Hubbards balderdash. 1.5 years as a staffmember at the Guardians Office Europe, GOEU… That made me wake up!

So about 25 years later I joined the fray at OCMB, hoping that my evil enturbulating SP’ness can help stop the fraud.

I’ll just repost my story here:

How the hell did I ever buy that shit?

This is a rather embarrassing story about me being inexcusably gullible… Unbeknownst to myself. I didn’t feel that I was very gullible. To the contrary I viewed myself as an incarnated skeptical. Then and now…

Looking back.. Man! – I was a cool guy who knew everything back then… I had ‘free will’ and a strong belief in my own cognitive faculties. I’m not smarter than most people now… I take it to be the effects of ageing. – But getting caught up in Scientology! – Guess I have to admit that I wasn’t that smart anyway…

Years earlier a good friend of mine had promoted Scientology to me. I was sceptical, but I did the H.A.S (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) course. An inexpensive introductory course. This was about 30 years ago… I can hardly remember.. Doing Training Routines, TR’s. Other students claiming they went ‘exterior’. I had a feeling like wearing a hat and my head tickling at one time. I was never able to check my hairdo from behind. Trying to lift an ashtray with mindpower… Telekinesis… damned ashtray wouldn’t budge! – Having it explained to me that I had to have the real ‘intention’ of making it do so… Well… However. communications and ARC* stuff appealed to me. Made sense.. I used it too..

One day there was a recruiting mission from The Guardians Office Europe ‘GOEU’ at the Org. I let myself be recruited!

Ok.. I knew about the million year contracts of the Sea Org. I took that to mean for life… Still didn’t buy that with living forever. Even being drunk like tits, I would never sign a contract for life, let alone one for a million years. The 5 year contract for GO was more reasonable. And I was promised that I could continue my studies for Auditor when I had done staff training. Plus being on Staff I didn’t have to pay for training. – It all sounded good.

GO orientation was the first course to study. A set of course materials designed to make a new staff member feel welcome… I’m being sarcastic here.. Basically it explained to you that anybody could throw you out again if they felt like it. If they thought you were ugly, or for no specific reason at all. I got the impression from it that the GO was paranoid really. The organization as a whole was paranoid… Oh! – There was some good reasons for being paranoid given. Policy written by Ron Hubbard said that one in five people were PTS, ie: a Potential Trouble Source, and downright dangerous to have around. Then there was 2 percent of population who were suppressive persons. Those were even more dangerous and sometimes hard to spot because they hid their true intentions. They were the types of Hitler and Caligula. The GO were taking precautions not to get these people on staff.

Scientologist are always encouraged to spy on each other just like in totalitarian regimes like in the former Soviet Union or East Germany.

Everyone was supposed to write and send ‘Knowledge Reports’ if someone was observed to be out ethics or not doing something they were supposed to do. Maybe they were ‘plants’ from government intelligence or undercover reporters out to get us. You were supposed to write commendations too… The idea was that a persons pile of bad Knowledge Reports and positive Commendations in his ethics file could be compared.

The place was reminiscent of an intelligence bureau. Security was tight and felt oppressive. Staff seemed to avoid talking to each other. Apparently personal relations were out security. Telefaxes clattered in a room that was off limits for everyone. Offices were generally off limits, unless you worked there. – Instant KR (knowledge Report) on Dev. T (Developed unnecessary and disturbing traffic) shot off from the hip if you asked somebody about, I dare say, anything.

His story is typical of Sea Org paranoia, foolishness and crass ignorance.  Still, it makes interesting reading.   To read the full report go here:  http://www.lermanet.com/thomas-sorensen/thomas-sorenson.htm

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