Ex-Scientologist story #279, Mutiny in the Netherlands.

Wooden shoes maybe, wooden minds, not so much.

Mutiny at Dutch Scientology organization

Het Parool, Netherlands
Oct. 25, 2003

Caspar De Rijk started doubting a few years ago for the first time, after he was taken hostage for some time by thick-necks of the sect in Copenhagen (where a large department of Scientology is located). “I was with the Sea-Org, a  para-military elite-department, with ranks and standings of the American  navy. If you disagree with something, have criticism or are angry about  something, you are interrogated and put on the E-meter. Then you are tested for bad intentions – but I did not have those, so I refused.” According to the “ethics” of Scientology, such a refusal is considered a capital crime: the adherents are not expected to think for themselves or to have an opinion of their own. Because of that, in line with the  jurisprudence of the Sea Org, De Rijk was transferred to the RPF, the rehabilitation Project, [a slave labor force] for internment in a kind of re-education camp. “And I refused that too.” says De Rijk. “Then they panicked a bit, because that apparently never happened before. Then they locked me up in a room with  a few bodyguards for an afternoon. They considered me a danger of course at  that moment, because I also had a high OT level. I was then thrown out, and  so I started thinking bit by bit: what am I still searching for here? And  what are others still searching for here? For sometimes a thousand dollars per hour.” For Scientology Church Netherlands (rumored to be loss-making for years  anyhow), the departure of dozens of active members must be a large financial drain. Not only does the sect miss out on income, on the site of Ronsorg apostates are also accurately instructed on how course moneys and donations can be reclaimed by the International Association of Scientologists in East Grinstead, England. With such a reclaim action Scientology will go to great lengths, warns Ronsorg: “What you can expect, is that they will try to make you change your mind by pushing all of your buttons that are known to them.” Scientologists are continually being “audited” for years during their stay  on the “bridge to clear”. During that, very personal things also come up for discussion, that will be put in a file. Future deserters or apostates with wild plans only need to be reminded that they once, for example, cheated on their spouse or have used drugs, to make them change their minds. Scientology does not hesitate to start extensive smear campaigns and to use member`s files for that. The apostates who have been swindled for hundreds of thousands of euros by other Scientologists via national and international little companies, take  measures. They study on reclaim procedures and damage claims with a lawyer.

For the rest of the story go here:  http://www.religionnewsblog.com/4828/mutiny-at-dutch-scientology-organization

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