Ex-Scientologist story #284, Fake “study tech,” in Scientology.

Noooo, not the salad, not the salad!

Lilly Dodd was the recipient of the questionable “study tech” devised by that great scholar L. Ron Hubbard who got low grades in college, which he didn’t finish anyway.  The new innovation that he offered to the world was to use a dictionary if you don’t know what the words mean.

A long time has passed since Hubbard came up with “Scientology.”  If the tech is so great where are the great minds, the super men and super women of Scientology?  Where are the Nobel Prize winners?  The;y must be in hiding for all I have ever seen in Scientology is very ordinary and pedestrian thinking.

The situation is very similar to those of the OTs that they claim have so much power.  Nobody has ever seen them do anything remarkable.  They have no more abilities than the other cult members.  They often wear glasses, suffer from disease and sometimes have mental collapses.

Excerpts are from a story, “Scientology’s Children: Education,” that appeared in the “St. Petersburg Times.”  November, 11, 1991.

Failure to grasp the meaning of a word can lead to more than bad grades, according to Hubbard. It can make students appear tired or disinterested.

Lilly Dodd, 16, is a former student of the Delphi Academy in Los Angeles, which uses Hubbard’s methods.

“So if you’re sitting there reading a book and you yawn,” she said, “then they will call you over to a place where they will try and look for misunderstood words…. They’ll sit there and ask you what does the word `the’ mean? If you don’t answer it, and you don’t answer it within three seconds or so, they’ll send you over to a dictionary.

Illness might cause the same reaction.

Once, she recalls, “I actually had a fever, and then they said, `Well, before you call your mom to want to go home, I suggest you go down to the word-clearer (the person who helps students understand words) and find out if you have any problems in your study.’ “

Lilly said she later enrolled in public school in Los Angeles and found she had fallen far behind. Old enough to enroll in ninth grade, she chose eighth instead.

“It was quite a shock for her to find out where she really stood,” said her mother, former Scientologist and teacher Adeline Dodd- Bova. She said the staff at Delphi told students their education was far superior to what they would get in a public school.

Here is something of interest I found on YouTube.

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Ex-Scientologist story #283, “Scientology Ruined My Life.”

In this story we hear how Emma Dickerson, who once wasted time on Scientology staff herself, lost her mother to the cult.  Scientology shows no shame in making a 60-year old mother wash dishes 14 hours a day.  This is pure Scientology, this is the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard.


Transcript #741

Air Date: July 9, 1991

SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL: This is Val and Emma, two sisters who say they’re  worried sick about their mother. Three years ago, Val and Emma’s mother Dorothy  abandoned her family and went to work for what they say is a dangerous, bizarre,  religious cult known as the Church of Scientology. They say that their mom has  been brainwashed to believe that the Church comes before her own family. Now,  just last Sunday, in a desperate attempt to rescue their mom from the clutches  of the Church, Val and her brother secretly videotaped a conversation. Val  questioned her mother with hopes that she would snap out of it. . .

VAL: Well, my mother is different now. She is, like, real fragmented. I could  talk to her, and every once in a while, I’d get a little piece of coherent  information, but then there was a lot of incoherent stuff coming out. So it’s  like somebody scrambled her mind, and there’s a million jigsaw pieces of this  puzzle that are just thrown on the floor, and she’s just trying to pick up  little pieces here and there. And any time I’d try to get an answer out of her,   I would get some kind of cult lingo.

SALLY: Right, that you probably didn’t understand.

VAL: Yeah, there’s a lot of things. She told me, later, from my sister, Emma,   found out what exactly she was talking about.

SALLY: How did you know about the lingo, Emma?

EMMA, Wants Mother to Leave Church of Scientology: Well, I was involved in  the organization 13 years ago, I was on staff.

SALLY: In Scientology?

EMMA: Yeah.

SALLY: For a long time or a short time?

EMMA: I spent seven months with them. My father told me that if I joined the  staff they would train me and give me a career, and I didn’t have any hopes of  being able to go to college because of my financial situation. So I thought,  “Great, a golden opportunity.” And I spent 14 hours a day working and getting  nowhere and not really getting any training and just under a lot of stress. And
so, I had left. . .

VAL: Well, of course, they study on their own time. She can’t see her family.   So everything —

SALLY: So that’s why this is the first time in three years you’ve seen Mom?

EMMA: They control her every moment.

VAL: That’s right. She has to get permission from them. She has to call them  in on her day off. She has to call in and get instructions. She had to call them  and get instructions how to handle me, because I was questioning them. And  because I question her and what is going to happen to her, she is going to have  to impose punishment upon herself, because I have asked her to take a vacation.

SALLY: I’m not quite sure I understand. You asked your mother to take a  vacation, she has to be punished by herself because you’ve done that.

VAL: She told me that she would be considered a “PTS,” potential trouble  source, because she is supposed to have me under control. And, like she said,  she’s never had me under control. And then she’ll have to go to a book and  she’ll have to pick out what her crime is, because I’ve asked her to take a  vacation. And then, once she’s decided what her crime is, she has to pick out  conditions. Now, if she doesn’t pick out the appropriate conditions, then they  will help her pick out conditions. Now, that’s what the 14-hour dishwashing was.   She evidently committed a crime a couple of years ago.

SALLY: So she washed dishes for 14 hours. . .

VAL: Why should a 60-year-old woman not have a week off to see her children?   You know, the first year, I thought, “Well, my mom wants to have a new life,   that’s fine.” The second year I thought, “This is kind of different,” you know.   I really think that the family should be connected. And the third year, I   thought, you know, “Eighty-four hours a week,” I think it’s boiling down to  about $1.19 an hour, no benefits. I mean, what is retirement? What about health  insurance?

EMMA: My son doesn’t even know his grandmother. He’s never had a time to  spend with her, because he was about 7 when she got involved. And, before that, he was too young to remember her. And that, for me, is very hard, because he —

SALLY: Describe her now. You said she appeared to be deprived of sleep, not  able to think clearly.

EMMA: It’s like I have two mothers. There’s an old mother and a new mother.  My old mother was bubbly, happy-go-lucky. She loved to travel. She loved to  cross-stitch. She just loved life and she loved people. She loved being with  people and my new mother — You have to feed the conversation. She doesn’t offer  anything. She doesn’t want to travel. She’s passed up opportunities to travel.  She’s just a completely different person and there’s no bubbling. The bubble is  all gone.

For the rest of the story go here: http://www.lermanet2.com/scientologynews/sallyjesse-transcript7-91.html   Also on this show was Roxanne Friend who died of cancer.  After she sued the daylights out of them for their phony medical cures and abuse of her human rights.  And Hana Whitfield was interviewed also, she was a ship captain under Hubbard.

Why, you may well ask, do Scientologists abuse others and act like fools?  Perhaps because they are idiots, jerks and dickwads.   Here is Mark Bunker having some fun with him.

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