Ex-Scientologist story #284, Fake “study tech,” in Scientology.

Noooo, not the salad, not the salad!

Lilly Dodd was the recipient of the questionable “study tech” devised by that great scholar L. Ron Hubbard who got low grades in college, which he didn’t finish anyway.  The new innovation that he offered to the world was to use a dictionary if you don’t know what the words mean.

A long time has passed since Hubbard came up with “Scientology.”  If the tech is so great where are the great minds, the super men and super women of Scientology?  Where are the Nobel Prize winners?  The;y must be in hiding for all I have ever seen in Scientology is very ordinary and pedestrian thinking.

The situation is very similar to those of the OTs that they claim have so much power.  Nobody has ever seen them do anything remarkable.  They have no more abilities than the other cult members.  They often wear glasses, suffer from disease and sometimes have mental collapses.

Excerpts are from a story, “Scientology’s Children: Education,” that appeared in the “St. Petersburg Times.”  November, 11, 1991.

Failure to grasp the meaning of a word can lead to more than bad grades, according to Hubbard. It can make students appear tired or disinterested.

Lilly Dodd, 16, is a former student of the Delphi Academy in Los Angeles, which uses Hubbard’s methods.

“So if you’re sitting there reading a book and you yawn,” she said, “then they will call you over to a place where they will try and look for misunderstood words…. They’ll sit there and ask you what does the word `the’ mean? If you don’t answer it, and you don’t answer it within three seconds or so, they’ll send you over to a dictionary.

Illness might cause the same reaction.

Once, she recalls, “I actually had a fever, and then they said, `Well, before you call your mom to want to go home, I suggest you go down to the word-clearer (the person who helps students understand words) and find out if you have any problems in your study.’ “

Lilly said she later enrolled in public school in Los Angeles and found she had fallen far behind. Old enough to enroll in ninth grade, she chose eighth instead.

“It was quite a shock for her to find out where she really stood,” said her mother, former Scientologist and teacher Adeline Dodd- Bova. She said the staff at Delphi told students their education was far superior to what they would get in a public school.

Here is something of interest I found on YouTube.

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  1. All children in the Church of Scientology, SeaOrg etc. who doesn’t get a public education should be tested each year, the standard tests, to see if they are progressing and getting the right education corresponding to the public school grade level. No child should be left behind.
    If those children who are home schooled, or org schooled should provide the curriculum used in their education. All should be documented.
    If a child falls behind; the child should be removed from that sort of education.
    The Church of Scientology didn’t let me connect word from English to my native languge. Nobody had experience in that org with second language students. It messed me up.

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