Ex-Scientologist story #287, Lost Mission; Found Spirit.

Here is the story of Pete Griffith, an ex-member who makes reminds me somewhat of the actor Tom Baker, crawled down the rabbit hole of Scientology just to see what he could see.

My brother, Dave Griffiths, experienced Book One and had some wins. e told my wife and me about it. It all seemed  pretty intriguing and my wife ordered the Dianetics book from Sunderland Org.   Some time later she went along to said org and started a course of auditing then later  I went along, initially to collect her but I got roped into doing the OCA and also bought some auditing being persuaded to spend that month’s mortgage payment with the lie that once the barriers were
gone nothing could stop me from making tons of money.  I had wins on Book One and really wanted more of this but like many people we were broke, working class, North of England,  and then we got the OFFER OF A LIFETIME!!!

Why don’t you join staff and help others go clear and train and go clear

Well, hey this sounds great.  We get to meet the Executive Director of the org, Derek Craggs, a very cool laid-back guy, one of the questions he asked was, what kind of wages are you used to getting? I answered about 200 pounds a week, whereupon he said, yes, that should be ok.  I’m thinking, so if I get that much a week and my wife also works at the org and trains, we’ll be on as much as we are now and helping clear the planet and going free and heading to OT (Operating Thetan, Scientology term for a being at cause over matter, energy, space, time, thought, forms and life)!

We joined staff. I’m not sure how long it took for reality to sink in, certainly in a very short space of time we were sent to saint hill for training, me first, they had detected some abilities in me that they thought were special and I was sent to do the OEC (Organization Executive Course, a study of Hubbard’s policy letters relating to running a supposedly successful Scientology Organization).

My wife, heavily pregnant followed a week or two later, but where’s my wages? Why aren’t they sending my wages, like they promised? Finally I get to talk to the financial girl, Jackie Ede and she says she will send what she can.

Meanwhile we are owing rent to the people we are staying with, actually Clair Headley’s Mum,  and studying during the day starting in the morning, through to lunch, more study, then dinner for
an hour, then more study till 10 or 11 or even later on a Wendsday!

When i received the 8 pounds I was in heaven, wow! 8 pounds! Another week rolled by, I’m on course wondering how i’m going to feed myself at lunchtime with no money and a wife pregnant with our first child, the course supervisor,  David Press, sees I have a problem, I open up and tell him, he curses, “Oh these outer orgs!”

Anyway we somehow manage to get through it, selling our house certainly helped, and I manage to complete the OEC in record time, have more wins in session, recall quite clearly seeing my whole track just open up before me like pulling back a curtain. I was so overjoyed when I told my wife at lunch break, “We don’t die!” my God, it’s all true!”

I return to the org for like a few days and they decide I’m FEBC material (Flag Executive Briefing Course, the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course for executives, more of Hubbard’s policies, based on the Management Series and some tapes)  and before I know whats what I’m heading to LA to do the FEBC.

Wow, did I feel honoured. I get on the course and meet some really great people.  Chinese School is a bit like brainwashing but hey, if LRH says it’s ok then it must be ok. This guy really knows the truth. There were some hints of things being not quite right,  strange, sideways, hunted, haunted looks from some of the Sea Org people, but hey having an English accent went a long way.

Do you know what? I can honestly say that the individual scientologists I met on a daily basis were absolutely fine human beings, none finer, we were clearing the planet, after all.  Six weeks roll by and I’m very much aware that my wife is almost due to give birth and that  I made her a promise to be there.  I start to make preparations to leave, well you can imagine how that went down, haha, oh by the way I forgot to mention this is 1987 and whilst staying at Celebrity Centre International in an unfinished room crammed with about eight bunk beds, one fine morning, the earthquake struck at about ten minutes to 8am.  I was in the service elevator on the 4th floor and had just pressed DOWN,  or whatever it was, my initial thought was that the cable had snapped and I was hurtling towards my doom. Your mind and body work fast in these situations and I stepped out, realised it was the building moving as I looked out the window and saw the swaying, back and forth, raced down the stairs from 4th floor to ground floor, across the lobby, leapt over the LRH bust that was falling in slow motion to the floor, and into the car park, at that point the earthquake stopped.

I found out later the quake had lasted 8 seconds, i thought, wow, I’m OT !  I got from the 4th floor elevator down the stairs, watching plaster cracking on the walls as I leapt and across the lobby into the car park in under 8 seconds!  Wow!

Anyway to wrap up my LA adventures, apart from almost getting mugged one night and wanking on the roof as a police helicopter went by with searchlights, I finally blew the course and headed out for LAX with $100 I had borrowed from a lovely girl I was on purif with,  I did my purif in LA, and flew back to UK in time to see my daughter born… I’ll end this here, maybe continue later… its something else to be re-living this stuff after so many years.

I got back to the UK in time for my daughters birth.  My wife and I had to waalk all the way to the hospital as we couldn’t afford a taxi and had sold our car. We just made it in time.  Did we have a silent birth? As there was major renovations going on next door that would have been difficult.  She gave birth to the sound of an electric drill.  I was expecting repercussions from blowing the FEBC  but nobody said a word! I was just put on post, division 6 body routing the unsuspecting public into the building, up 3 flights of stairs and into an OCA test, think its called something else in the US, lets just call it 200 questions, at this point I would like to apologise humbly to anyone that I got into scientology and I know there are a few of you who spent a little or a lot, I apologise sincerely to you all.

Now that’s out of the way I’ll continue the story.  We just slaved away like everyone does, working day and foundation hours, my wife in the course room and me on the street or evaluating tests and trying to sell selling Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

This went on for a few months, my wife became pregnant again, that’s when the seriousness of our situation began to bother us.  Org wages went from zero to 8 to a staggering 35 pounds on one rare occasion. Some poor sucker must have paid in a whack of cash that week.  We got wrapped up in the birthday game, went to events at saint hill, all the usual stuff, we were paying a babysitter so we could go to the org and work for nothing, but we were on the road to freedom, we were doing the best thing anyone in the world could possibly do, we were freeing mankind, we were the good guys!

Despite that we realised that we could not continue as we were. Events took a turn when my wife was declared ann illegal staff member for having wokred in a psychiatric hospital and just ike that, she was off staff.  So I went on to the Staff Leaving Routing Form just to do things properly, and join her.  The purpose of this action is to give you every opportunity to change your mind and stay on staff. Anyone who ever went onto that action can tell you, it takes forever, or never, to get completed, the HAS (Hubbard Area Secretary) in our first interview lost her temper and yelled “I’ve EPd on you!” EP’d is Scientologese for had  enough, the end product is reached.

That makes me laugh to this day, but i persevered and can honestly say, never, ever, got into session to do the security check part of the routing form. Realising that we would never leave standardly we decided to just blow and with a lot of fear we packed up and left without telling anyone (oh what a
crime!).  Naturally attempts were made to contact us and route out properly and your freeloader bill will be enormous and so on but we stuck to it and got jobs and tried to build a life.  However we stayed in communication with the org and I began to get the idea of opening a mission in my local area.  We still thought the co$ was something the world needed to hear about at that point. So I cut through lots of red tape/policy and although declared SP for leaving and not returning I managed to become a mission Executive Director and was given a mission starter package from like ten years before that had sat in someone’s shed near Manchester all that time and got the remnants of another that had lain in a disused room at the HASI in Edinburgh.   I got my stuff set up and began operating a mission, not bad for a Suppressive Person.

We did very well initially. I ran a campaign in a free paper with 200 questions printed on the back and got some people in that way.  I sold them the staff lie that they could move up the bridge and help others at same time. At one point we actually had 6 people on staff but the thing was that they had no training and with the exception of course supervisor which my wife did I wore every other hat as I desperately tried to train the people I had up to a level where they could be useful.

We got some awards for book sales and I was commended by the CO UK, Craig Mathieson, at a meeting for my marketing skill although he did say “this guy is declared”, it was just a way to get the org people embarrassed into producing more than a little biddy mission in the middle of nowhere.

This was at Manchester Org. The Sunderland guys were still chasing me for my freeloader thinking I was raking in a fortune from the mission. I got my bro who is in the Sea Org in Denmark to give me an insurance policy he had and we cashed it in and i gave them something.  We really tried to make things go right, week after week, playing the birthday game, trying to get a society with no interest in the subject to become interested enough to part with huge sums of money for books and courses
and training.

I went to flag to a mission holders conference and had a great time, when I came back from flag I felt that I could just glow things right for a while but gradually things slowed down and books were not sold and students dried up and this episode came to an end when we got a sudden visit from one of the SMI (Scientology Missions International) guys from Saint Hill , Gerald Laws, who announced that the mission was closed down and transferred into someone else’s hands.  I’m stood there experiencing a secondary (haha), when Gerald suddenly yells, “and don’t look so bloody noble about it!”

That must be another OT ability I have, to look noble in defeat, haha, I’m laughing but it was terrible, I’d lost my mission.  I went along to the new one to help the guy get it going but he’d had no training and was willing but clueless. I think it just faded away into nothingness eventually, which is quite heartening really as it means that the co$ can just fade away into nothing.

I just drifted away from Scientology, concentrated on raising my family and never even questioned any of it until February 2008.  My current tone scale theory is that the co$ is now at -30 CAN’T HIDE and I hope I’m lucky enough to witness the end, but thats jumping ahead, no, to be honest that really ends my “how I got in” story. 

My “how I got out story” starts  12 and half years later when a friend told me he was going to picket the mission in Dublin and I asked why? I said, those are good genuine people, and he advised me to look it up online, so that’s just what I did and now I am  totally free, from Hubbard’s lies, thank you Garanon, and thank you to everyone who had the courage to start posting stuff and telling the truth, Tory Magoo,  Jason Beghe, Marc Headley, Paulette Cooper, Jon Atack, John Duignan, xenutv, anonymous, Operation Clambake and if I didn’t mention anyone it’s because there are really too many people to mention.

Now how will I get my brother out?

Here are a couple of videos of the irrepressible Pete Griffith.

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Ex-Scientologist story #286, Gulliver Travels to East Grinstead.

A 14-year-old boy becomes and enforcer for Scientology.

In 1982 one of the most bizarre events of a notoriously loony fake religion took place.  L. Ron Hubbard, acting through various intermediaries, conducted a ruthless shakedown of the Scientology mission (or franchisee) system.  Hubbard, although incredibly rich by this time was indigent hat anyone other than he should be able to make money from off of Scientology.  At the time few knew that he was the one behind the putsch that toppled the mission holders and put many more millions of dollars into his bank account.  They blamed it all on the new rulers of the cult who had, they thought, cut Hubbard’s communication with the membership.  This line of thought  is still part of the Scientology “Freezone,” lore. 
During this era of internal Scientology warfare people assumed strange titles like, “International Finance Dictator,” and “Finance Police.”  A new  and strange group of anonymous people called the “Watch Dog Committee,” or the “WDC” began to assert authority.  Previous standing and service to Scientology meant nothing to these new entities who extorted all the money they
could from the mission holders and even throwing high-ranking Sea Org members into remote desert locations where they were mistreated.  This is the background for the story of Gulliver Smithers.  the following is from “A Piece of Blue Sky,” Part 7, chapter 4, by John Atack.

Shortly before the German raid,
Scottish Independent Fred Smithers called me. He explained that his stepson,
Gulliver, was a member of CMO U.K. at Saint Hill. Gulliver had just phoned him
to say he wanted to leave the Church. Fred asked if I could give Gulliver a room
for the night. He arrived that Sunday evening while we were having dinner with friends. It came as a shock when he realized his stepfather had sent him into the lair of an infamous Suppressive, but he soon recovered and sustained a two-hour interview. The incredulity of his audience increased by the minute.

For six months, Gulliver had been a top executive in the Commodore’s Messenger Organization U.K. which controlled all other Scientology organizations in Britain. He rated himself one of the top four executives in CMO U.K. He was fourteen years old. He explained that there were several others his age, and some “kids” in the CMO.

The Watchdog Committee was now bypassing the whole elaborate management structure of the Church. WDC was sending telexes down to individual Orgs on a daily basis, often hourly, demanding “compliance.”

A CMO newsletter had claimed that the CMO “Continental” units (including the U.K.) are “the OBSERVATION, EXECUTION and POLICE ARM Of WDC” (emphasis in original).  Gulliver’s job was to enforce Watchdog Committee orders. He had been in charge of seasoned Sea Org veterans, OTs who had received a great deal of auditing, and were highly trained counsellors well versed in Scientology administration, having done the “Organization Executive Course,” and sometimes even the “Flag Executive Briefing Course.” They had months of training, and years of on the job experience. Gulliver had neither.

In a Scientology Organization everything is meant to be done per Policy (in accordance with the thousands of Policy Letters written almost exclusively by Hubbard). Policy is very elaborate, but hinges on certain basic ideas. Among these are the supposed right to question an order, and the right to demand that an order be put in writing. A CMO, a  teenager would frequently issue a verbal order, and threaten the recipient with the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) if the order was questioned. Again the staff member theoretically has a right to demand a Committee of Evidence prior to assignment of the RPF, which is reasonable as an RPF can take anything up to two years to complete. These rights were all denied.

Gulliver said that all of the UK Organizations were losing money. He also said that the majority of the money they did make was sent to the U.S., so periodically the Watchdog Committee would have to pay even the lighting and heating bills, following a complex Purchase Order system. Nearly all of the U.K. Orgs had their telephones
disconnected at some point during 1984, because of the delay in receiving funds.

The Sea Org crew at Saint Hill had been living on a diet of rice and beans throughout Gulliver’s six months there. The high point of their week would be a baked potato with cheese, or soup. This diet, and the deprivation of sleep which is usual for Sea Org members, can tell dramatically. Sea Org members have for years collected hundreds of millions of dollars, in return for bare subsistence and pitiful “wages.” Gulliver was paid
£1.25 for his last week’s work, (less than $2 U.S.), and this as a senior executive. Sea Org pay is usually less than £4 a week, and often measured in pence. With this pittance, most buy chocolate, tobacco, or a junk meal on their weekly morning off.

Most alarming of all, the fourteen-year-old Gulliver talked about the last Watchdog Committee program he had worked on, the “Non-SO spouse program” (“SO” being Sea Org). Sea Org members whose spouses were not in the Sea Org were either to persuade them to join up, or to divorce them. When I wrote my article about the meeting (inevitably called “Gulliver’s Travels”) for the Independent newsletter, Reconnection, I felt compelled to draw a parallel to the chapter in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The Church had entered the realms of the utterly surreal.

To read the rest of the chapter go here:  http://www.xenu.net/archive/books/apobs/bs7-4.htm

Here is an article about the youthful thugs of Hubbard that made it into the press:

Source: The Mail – London

Hubbard Youth

29 July 1984


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Ex-Scientologist story #285, PTS/SP trainees to FLB ASAP.

All hail Xenu!

Stace Dieckman came to Flag in Clearwater, the Mecca of Tech Perfection, as an Outer Org Trainee or simply an “OOT.”  They didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for him.  This is another story that shows just how confused these chowderheads are that want to rule the world.

To give a little background, I joined staff at my local ‘org’ when I was 14 to replace the current Dir Comm, so he could join the SO on the Freewinds (pretty sure he’s still there).  That lasted a few days before I was expected to do all the functions of HCO.  Did that jazz for two years, failing miserably at everything besides reception (go figure).

I would say around.. summer time in 2002, just after a big push to get PTS/SP Trainees out to flag, a big push for Cramming officers and Qual W/Cers came out.  Not wanting another month long mission running my life, I tried to figure it out quick, so nominated myself and got sent to Flag.

Being 16 at the time and only knowing scientology my whole life, I thought this was the best thing in the world, especially after everyone telling me that this was the “Mecca.”

Upon my arrival at around 9pm I got to wait for 3 hours for a van to pick me up.  I was then shuttle to the “Tradewinds,” one of the three .. luxurious (ha) motels where all the Outer org trainees stayed. The first room I had wasn’t too bad, I only had 4 other people living with me.  After about an hour of sleep I was awakened by a roommate so that I wouldn’t be late for the 7am ‘exercise muster.’  Then I had the pleasure of a cold shower, I guess they run out of hot water when 400 people are trying to take showers in 100 bathrooms.

After I was shown where we ate and everything I started on my large routing form for arriving, started to walk from the Coachmen building to the fort Harrison to see my next ‘terminal.’  Quickly found out you’re not allowed to walk those two blocks, instead you have to take a van.. So I wait for this van, hop on and sit down, get told “you can’t sit in the front, go to the back.” So I do, but there were more SO members than seats so I was told to give mine up and wait for the next van, so I did.  This happened once more before I finally got to the FH, where I had the pleasure of meeting my “direct senior” the Snr Intern Supervisor, who clearly has been dealing with some real BS for a long time, she’s not the peachiest person in the world.

So I finally get to studying right at the beginning, Student Hat.. two days later, I meet a charming fellow named Calegero, if you ever met him you’d understand.. Apparently my org didn’t have the money to pay for my room and board so I was going to have to work off this debt, I believe they were supposed to pay somewhere around 150 a month.. hard to remember they never paid it.  So this meant I had to work the first 5 hours for Flag Crew doing whatever the hell they didn’t want to do.  This was probably the most degrading thing I’ve ever been apart of, you’re all expected earlier than if your org was paying, line up for your boss for the day and do exactly what he tells you to do. . .

Now, not really agreeing with the whole thing and knowing that FSO and FC are two different orgs, I would skip the whole work/study program thingy until they sent me to ethics (normally right after i finished a course ‘in checksheet time’).  So I often just worked instead of study for a month or two, catching up on my missed time. Working it out now I made approx. $1.07 each hour. . .

I got real tired of being considered dirt for being an OOT, just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, so I finished everything before most.  While I was waiting to ‘fire’ I was called to the Ethics office, for about the 900th time during my 2 years there, sat down by about 8 “Master-At Arms” (MAAs).  They all proceeded to yell at me about some mysterious out-ethics situation that I and this other OOT who was waiting to fire had.  We were told that RTC said we were both grossly out ethics and it needed to be handled before we could leave.  The other OOT happened to be my best friend out there and went through his training quickly as well.  We were told we had 15 minutes to figure out a handling for this huge out-ethics we were committing.  Mind you, this was after they had already made me do the “Ethics Specialist” course due to me being such a bad seed (a course that maybe two of those MAAs had done).  So instead of arguing we did Conditions and Exchange by dynamics with eachother and called it good.

Eventually after waiting around, running errands for the Snr Intern Sup, cramming just about every OOT intern and doing countless hours of work/study they let me go.  I came back all prepared to set everyone at my Class V org into shape.  I stayed in the org for a few months before I couldn’t take the ED anymore, she was under the impression that yelling was the solution to every problem she had.. and didn’t know ‘standard tech’ if it poked her in the eye.  I blew and for whatever reason was convinced by the Deputy Captain for OOTs (D/FCCI PO FOR OOTs, Jason Hemphill), that it would be best for me to go back to flag.  Boy was that an awesome idea.

Soon afterwards Stace decided to go for a walk on the beach and then just kept on walking.  Good for him, he had wasted enough time and effort on the fools at flag.

To read the rest of the story go here:  http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?12511-Story-of-an-OOT&p=268204#post268204


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