Ex-Scientologist story #288, Greed in Hamburg.

In Germany the cult of Scientology has been under official scrutiny for some time now, the reasons are many but for our purposes here we will concentrate on the story of Gitta Gerken who was an employee of a real estate company run by Gotz Brase.  As he was a true Hubbardite he ran his company on Scientology principles which included working his employee like slaves and making them spy on each other.  L. Ron Hubbard would have been in full agreement with this system of tyranny.

George Magazine/April 1997

by Russ Baker.

In Hamburg I spend several hours with former Scientologist Gitta Gerken, 46, a handsome, neatly coiffed woman who worked as a real estate agent from 1994 to mid-1995 at Brase’s real estate firm. “Brase was the money machine for the Hamburg org,” she explains, using the in-house term for a Scientology center.
“Brase’s aim was to make money in Hamburg to reinforce the organization and to  start businesses in other cities to reinforce other orgs-in Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin.” Although they are entitled to commissions, she says, Brase staffers who  sold an apartment were immediately pressured by co-workers to donate the money  to Scientology. An office memo, for example, congratulated the staff on “fulfill[ing] the purpose of the company, by succeeding to produce a highest ver [record] & just for Ron [Hubbard]’s birthday: Twenty-two housing units were sold in once week.” Gerken, who tells of being forced to work up to 70 hours per week, says employees operated in a climate of fear and paranoia, reporting on each other to Scientology officials. (The group’s publications urge members to file “knowledge report” when they hear members of outsiders expressing criticism of Scientology.)

Gerken also says she was pressured to spend her money on more courses and  auditing sessions. After she and her Scientologist husband had pumped a pproximately $270,000 into the organization, she complained to a Scientology  chaplain. Her husband was then given a document declaring him a PTA, a potential trouble source, for having failed to apply the Scientology rules for a happy marriage. The document, citing their names, was published in church publications.

Ralf Burmester, a Hamburg lawyer who represents former Scientologists, says  many of his clients were pressured to borrow heavily to pay for courses. “They  normally start with a small course, say $40,” he says, “and it becomes more and more. I have many people who spent $60,000 to $180,000 in one or two years.”

To read the full story go here:  http://www.rickross.com/reference/scientology/Scien26.html

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