Ex-Scientologist story #291, “crime culling” of folders by a criminal cult.

The following was entered into evidence during the 1982 Clearwater Hearings.  Nothing has changed in Scientology since then.  They still use so-called confidential files to destroy people with; or they use the information to get an advantage when selling the victim courses.

I, Lucy Garritano, state the following under the pains and penalties of perjury:

1. My introduction to Scientology was in July of 1973, when many  representations were made to me concerning the benefits of “auditing” and Scientology.

These representations are as follows:

a) raise my IQ;

b) cure diseases and mental illness;

c) solve drug problems and other personal problems.

d) stabilize and promote familial harmony and unity;

e) improve study habits and college grades;

f) increase creativity and career potential.

2. The above representations were and are false.

3. Relying upon the above representations, I joined Scientology.

4. Boston Org members represented that the powers  of “auditing” would remain confidential.

5. Boston Org members induced me to join staff and fraudulently represented I would be paid $150.00 per week for services rendered and I would receive auditing free.

6. Relying upon the above representations, I  joined Scientology and provided  my time and services for approximately six and one-half years, seven days a week and ten hours per day. I made numerous disclosures concerning the intimate details of my life which were fraudulently revealed to third persons in violation of the promises made to me.

7. As a church member, I became aware of, and observed a practice designated “crime culling”, where church members reviewed auditing files and extracted confidential and intimate experiences and revealed this information to third parties for the purpose of extorting silence, manipulating conduct and depriving legal rights of any person who attempted to leave Scientology.

8. In December of 1979, I left Scientology due to an increasing awareness of the fraudulent representation made to me.

Here is a video clip that I found that speaks to the issue of blackmail in Scientology.

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Ex-Scientologist Story #290, Dentists Drilled for Contributions.


If it were not for chiropractors and dentists there are a number of Scientology orgs  and missions that would have failed long ago.  Once the cult gets their claws into you soul the only limiting factor in what you will give them is your earning power.  This has been reported many times over the years in the media, this particular instance of the Rowe family was in the famous article in Time Magazine, May, 1991.

Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.

“Last October, Sterling broke some bad news to another dentist, Glover Rowe of Gadsden, Ala., and his wife Dee. Tests showed that unless they signed up for auditing Glover’s practice would fail, and Dee would someday abuse their child.  The next month the Rowes flew to Glendale, Calif., where they shuttled daily
from a local hotel to a Dianetics center. “We thought they were brilliant people because they seemed to know so much about us,” recalls Dee. “Then we realized our hotel room must have been bugged.” After bolting from the center, $23,000 poorer, the Rowes say, they were chased repeatedly by Scientologists on foot and in cars. Dentists aren’t the only once at risk. Scientology also makes pitches to chiropractors, podiatrists and veterinarians.”

To read the rest of the story go here:  http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Secrets/Fishman/time-behar.html

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Ex-Scientologist story #289, The “Italian Connection.”

Most of the stories that have been covered in this blog have concerned victims of Scientology that has taken place in English-speaking countries, this is, obviously enough, because of the language problems.  There are many stories of Scientology’s cruelty and greed around the world but not that many that have been translated.  Just to show that the cult is as evil in one place as another I am including stories that have been taken, and translated, from  a book by former Scientologist Maria Pia Gardini.  This book is a compilation of Scientology related horror stories, including her own.  And like their counterparts in other parts of the world the portrait that is painted of Scientology is one of unparalleled greed coupled with an inexhaustible indifference to the havoc they play in the lives of their followers.  Of special note is the prominent place play by Narconon in all of this.  This group is a front group for the cult that uses Hubbard’s fake tech to treat addiction.  The main tool in the arsenal of  is the infamous “Purification Rundown.”  This phony treatment consists of dangerously high doses of vitamins along with unhealthy amounts of time in the sauna.
Dino Michieletto
“In the early 1980’s, Dino Michieletto’s eldest daughter became interested in the Scientology org in Padua because it offered a chance to improve her English. The youthful and informal atmosphere soon attracted his second daughter as well. They initially went to he org 2 afternoons per week, but the time they spent at the org increased continually and it wasn’t just to practice English. Their behavior seemed strange. Drawn in by the enthusiasm of the 2 daughters, Dino’s wife Gabrielle started going with them. At home, Dino would see Gabrielle and the daughters pair off and sit for hours, almost daily. Dino tried telling them “Enough!” but they reacted so strongly that he had to back down. Finally, his young son joined .” 
At the end this man lost his family to the Scientology Disconnection Policy that has broken up untold thousands of families over the years.  When his former wife died, of cancer, which Scientology is supposed to cure, he didn’t find out until after the funeral.  This whole experience left him with such a bitter taste in his mouth that he formed his own anti-cult organisation.
Giuliana Costantini


Giuliana was attracted to the Freewinds, thinking it would be pleasant to work there. She won an assignment to the ship, but her hopes quickly turned into disillusionment. Working conditions were harsh, particularly for a woman of her age, and the hot Caribbean sun worsened the connective tissue disease in her lower limbs. Giuliana had been advised not to speak about this problem, because it might interfere with gaining the assignment. She slept in a cramped and uncomfortable cabin housing 9 berths for 3 persons each. Giuliana was eventually moved to more comfortable cabin which she shared with Jasta, a woman who had known L. Ron Hubbard in South Africa. Jasta was always cheerful and impeccable in public, but in private, when he removed her wig and makeup, it was plain to see that she had a serious illness. Jasta disappeared one day and the staff later learned that she had gone to Flag and had passed away. Facing her own illness, Giuliana asked to return to Italy, but the response was that she should emulate Jasta, who stayed at her post to the end. Giuliana did not find this unfair, because she still believed that she should be working for Scientology to help humanity. And Giuliana kept repeating to herself that she was really of little value. She managed to keep working, but in the afternoon she would be feverish and had to wear a windbreaker. One of her knees was swollen and she suffered from pain in her articulations. In Aruba, she was taken to a doctor who diagnosed SLE  (systemic lupus erythematosus). Back on the Freewinds, Giuliana never received the medication prescribed by the doctor and she was still forced to work under the tropical sun, despite the doctor’s order to avoid exposure to the sun.
Giuliana could not flee because of ship security and because her passport was held somewhere on the Freewinds. Giuliana decided to demand that she be returned to Italy.  When Enrico met his mother at Fiumicino airport in mid-September 2002, he barely recognized her. By Christmas, Giuliana also had problems with her eyes. The pain in her articulations grew so severe that she had to be sedated with morphine and was confined to a wheelchair. The fact that her son and his wife were Scientologists did not make things easy; for them moving “up the bridge” came first.
This is another one of those stories that show just why the cult of Scientology is so easy to hate.  A son is addicted to drugs, gets treatment at Narconon.  Soon both the son and mother are in Scientology; worse yet the mother is sucked into the Sea Org. despite some serious heath problems.  She was put on the “Freewinds,” which is notorious as the Scientology death ship due to the asbestos that contaminated the ship at that time.  Here, in the usual Scientology manner, she was abused and overworked.  Eventually she left the cult along with her son Enrico, after spending large amounts of money and wastling years of their time.
 The stories covered in the book include Bryce, Ildiko Bajnoczim, Dino Michieletto,  Andrea G. Giuliana Costantini,  Enrico Costantini,  Giusi de Martin Roder,  Giacomo Sotgia,  Astra Woodcraft,   Francom,  Paola,  Ernesto Menta,  Tory Christman Bezazian,  Lawrence Woodcraft.
To read more of this in English go here: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/threads/summary-maria-pia-gardinis-new-book.52812/
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