Ex-Scientologist story #291, “crime culling” of folders by a criminal cult.

The following was entered into evidence during the 1982 Clearwater Hearings.  Nothing has changed in Scientology since then.  They still use so-called confidential files to destroy people with; or they use the information to get an advantage when selling the victim courses.

I, Lucy Garritano, state the following under the pains and penalties of perjury:

1. My introduction to Scientology was in July of 1973, when many  representations were made to me concerning the benefits of “auditing” and Scientology.

These representations are as follows:

a) raise my IQ;

b) cure diseases and mental illness;

c) solve drug problems and other personal problems.

d) stabilize and promote familial harmony and unity;

e) improve study habits and college grades;

f) increase creativity and career potential.

2. The above representations were and are false.

3. Relying upon the above representations, I joined Scientology.

4. Boston Org members represented that the powers  of “auditing” would remain confidential.

5. Boston Org members induced me to join staff and fraudulently represented I would be paid $150.00 per week for services rendered and I would receive auditing free.

6. Relying upon the above representations, I  joined Scientology and provided  my time and services for approximately six and one-half years, seven days a week and ten hours per day. I made numerous disclosures concerning the intimate details of my life which were fraudulently revealed to third persons in violation of the promises made to me.

7. As a church member, I became aware of, and observed a practice designated “crime culling”, where church members reviewed auditing files and extracted confidential and intimate experiences and revealed this information to third parties for the purpose of extorting silence, manipulating conduct and depriving legal rights of any person who attempted to leave Scientology.

8. In December of 1979, I left Scientology due to an increasing awareness of the fraudulent representation made to me.

Here is a video clip that I found that speaks to the issue of blackmail in Scientology.

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