Ex-Scientologist story #292 Dentist’s Wife Held Hostage.

Anyone who has money it a target for Scientology but as a class dentists, along with chiropractors, are people the cult tries very hard to recruit.

From Time Magazine May 6, 1991, The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.

“Many dentists who have unwittingly been drawn into the cult are filing or threatening lawsuits as well. Dentist Robert Geary of Medina, Ohio, who entered a Sterling seminar in 1988, endured “the most extreme high-pressure sales tactics I have ever faced.” Sterling officials told Geary, 45, that their firm was not linked to Scientology, he says. but Geary claims they eventually convinced him that he and his wife Dorothy had personal problems that required auditing. Over five months, the Gearys say, they spent $130,000 for services, plus $50,000 for “gold-embossed, investment-grade” books signed by Hubbard.   Geary contends that Scientologists not only called his bank to increase his
credit card limit but also forged his signature on a $20,000 loan application. “It was insane,” he recalls. “I couldn’t even get an accounting from them of what I was paying for.” At one point, the Gearys claim, Scientologists held Dorothy hostage for two weeks in a mountain cabin. after which she was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown.”

Here is another, longer, version of this story.  This is juicy reading for those of us who know how the liars of Scientology like to put their spin on things like this.


Akron Beacon Journal

January 21, 1990


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