Ex-Scientologist story #294, An open letter to OSA.

Eating filet of paranoia has been a steady diet of the Sea Borg of Scientology.  The level of suspicion and mistrust has always been high but now and then they hit new peak levels as in this case.  In October, 2009, Jenni Gibbons posted this on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board.

An Open Letter to OSA

It has come to my attention that I have been declared a Suppressive Person based upon the alleged crimes of posting entheta on the Internet. Apparently, I have been doing this for some time.  There is in existence, according to OSA, evidence of these acts, which apparently is readily available to be viewed upon request.  How it works though is the request is made, the viewing of the supposed evidence is promised but then at the eleventh hour, viewing is denied due to the enturbalative nature of the “evidence”.

Hi, my name is Jenni Gibbons and this is the first time I have ever written anything to be placed on the Internet, for or on any forum.

I was once a member of a group that I thought believed and practiced the morals and ethics I have always held dear.  I thought this group believed that mankind was basically good; I thought that this group believed in truth and honesty.  Boy was I misled.

I believe that mankind is basically good, I believe in justice based on truth and honesty, and I also believe this is my life and I have the right to lead it as I see fit.

Now back to this supposed evidence:  it seems to me that OSA ANZO have discovered the fine art of cutting and pasting.  They have also discovered in their wisdom the brilliant ability of wrong targeting.  They seem to have decided that I have an alias that I write under here on ESMB.  Well I guess if you are going to get something wrong like that you may as well get it as wrong as possible and, boy OSA ANZO, you really screwed this one up.

Whoever it was that cut snippets from the Internet, pasted it together, popped it into a folder and placed my name on it… you fucked up royally!!!

I have also been informed that OSA ANZO have been broadly communicating about my ‘crimes’ to public scientologists.  They have told these scientologists that they have made numerous attempts to contact me by phone… this is a lie.  I have never received one phone call from OSA or anyone representing themselves as being from OSA.

They also claim that they had sent people out to visit me (uninvited of course)…. this is also a lie, unless this was done so covertly that I didn’t notice!
To read the rest of it go here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?13822-Truth-Revealed-An-Open-Letter-to-OSA&s=52e6517fe2809f27ef4e75f6c35246cc&p=309238#post309238

Meet Sheryl Festa, one of the most respected Scientologists in Clearwater,  she became what she is after years of studying the tech of L. Ron Hubbard.  This is just posted here for fun, this does not directly relate to Jenni Gibbons.

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