Ex-Scientologist story #295, “Larry King Live,” when Heber was “free.”

This is from the “Larry King” show back in 1991, just after the cult got their collective asses spanked in the famous story, “Scientology: The Growing Cult of Greed and Power.”  Back in those days Heber was a free man, well, as free as anyone can be in Scientology.  He was also a complete loon as you can tell if you read all of this.  Now he hasn’t been seen in public for some time; word is that he is a prisoner in the “hole” at Gold Int. Base near Hemet, California.  Little Davy Miscavige is a hard boss to please.

Heber faced off against a number of former Scientologist, among them Lisa Halverson.

KING: With us is Heber Jentzsch. He is President of the Church of Scientology International – that church founded by L. Ron Hubbard. We’re also joined in Los Angeles by Lisa Halverson – Lisa a 15-year member of the church who recently quit – and, here in Washington, Jerry Whitfield, former Scientologist, who now runs intervention groups designed to help people get out of the church; and
Donald Sills. Donald is President of the Coalition for Religious Freedom.

Let’s go back to Lisa. Why did you quit?

LISA HALVERSON, Former Scientologist: Why did I quit? My parents were very concerned about my involvement in Scientology and they brought some exit counselors to talk to me who had some very alarming things to say about Scientology of which I, as a very obedient member, was completely unaware of. And I was so shocked to find out about the criminal activities of Scientology and of all the lies that L. Ron Hubbard had perpetrated about himself and his past and his apparent achievements that I could no longer remain in the group. . .

KING: What did it cost you every year to be a Scientologist?

Ms. HALVERSON: Over 15 years I spent close to $ 250,000. Some years I spent $10,000, $ 20,000, $ 30,000, $ 40,000, $ 50,000. Other years I didn’t spend anything. There were years where I wasn’t eligible to do services because I had left staff and I had freeloader debts to pay back to the church before I was able to then pay the church for more services.

KING: There were no pluses over the 15 years?

Ms. HALVERSON: There were some pluses – probably more towards the beginning than towards the end.

KING: Did they force you to stay?

Ms. HALVERSON: Well, they make it very difficult for you to leave. They make it very uncomfortable for you to leave and-

KING: Example?

Ms. HALVERSON: Well, now I’m speaking out against the church and I could be declared a suppressive person and open to fair game. And fair game – they’ll do anything. They’ll kill your pets, try to run you off the freeway, you know-

To read the rest of this go here: http://www.lermanet.com/scientology/transcripts/larry.htm

Here is just a fun clip that I wanted to share with everyone.

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