Ex-Scientologist story #296, “Education” in Scientology.


“Education” in Scientology does not mean to cult members what it means to other members of society.  In their eyes filling the heads of children with Hubbard speak is education.  In fact their entire view of children is at right angles with both common sense and science. 

First of all they think that a child is simply and adult in a small body.  He or she may look like a child but no, you are looking at a spirit, or “thetan” that is thousands of years old.  The kids have all lived life before countless times, they “know” how to do things.  They might have to be brought up to date a bit but they are already adults who do not need to be excessively protected from exploitation, overwork or being put in hazardous situations. 

A bigger concern is that educating children is expensive.  Scientology does not believe in spending any more than the bare minimum of staff members, or anyone else for that matter.  Sea Org members and other staff members often live below the poverty line: even non-staff members, the “public” members who have good incomes end up with little disposable income.  The money flows to the so-called church.  So they have little left to spend on their kids. 

In this series of stories I have run into a number of situations where the parents are so intent on their own “bridge” that they become terrible parents.  The children then suffer every kind of child abuse you can think of. 

Here we have Alexandria Hammer speaking about her time at a Scientology “ranch.”  This is not the worst story that I have run across, believe me there are worse, yet this is far from the ideal that the cult peddals to the general public about how good their school are.



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