Ex-Scientologist story #297, The Fraud of Narconon.

Greg Hamilton went to Narconon in Canada because he became addicted to pain pills following an accident.  Here he came face to face with Scientology.  We know. of course, that Narconon is just a front group for them and that all that is used in Narconon to treat people with addiction problems is crazy Hubbard speak.  everything in Scientology can be found at Narconon, even the E-meter.  Here are only a few selections from Greg’s story,  If you want to read it all, it is well worth the time, there is a link at the end.

After ingesting these “vitamins” we were told to walk on the treadmill for anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Then we were to climb right into a sauna for at least 25 minutes before being allowed a 2 minute break. This went on for 5 hours…and was brutal. One older gentleman lost consciousness during the sauna
program. It was frightening. After one had completed a five hour block of sauna they were once again subjected to the blood pressure and pulse checks….which of course was always 120/80, in spite of being in a boiling sauna for five hours. I was amazed that my blood pressure never reflected the anger that I was
experiencing. After having the pulse and blood pressure “checked”, more vitamins, minerals and other stuff was on the way. They basically made us drink olive oil…and eat lecithin along with a ton of mixed vitamins. A person was directed to continue drinking 2 glasses of cal-mag a day, but I had stopped…I
knew something was very wrong with their methodology.

The guy in the sauna..that was very scary. He passed out….they thought he was unconscious….they never called for an ambulance…they tried to blame him for not being well fed prior to going in the sauna that particular day. Of course I also spoke with a guy that had been there (Narconon before) these guys were called “retreads” there were lots of them…makes you wonder if their success rate is so high…why all these retreads. Anyway, this guy told me that the first time through Narcanon..they loaded him up with like 2500 mg of liquid niacin and he passed out…and was having a severe reaction…they had him in the  shower for like 30 minutes trying to calm him down. He said it was horrible.  My roommate also had a terrible reaction to niacin. He refused to take the stuff, he would act like he was swallowing it, but he threw it away. Finally one day they forced him to take it in front of them….I believe it was 1500 mg…he got
so sick….he went to our room…I kept checking on him. He was scarlet red for at least 45 minutes…..he was very nauseous and his breathing was shallow.

These are just a few examples, there are more believe me.

This place was definitely a cult. Apparently there was a “cam” or machine that is similar to a polygraph test around the facility. [Ed: the “cans” are Scientology’s terms for the electrodes used with theirE=meter device, the ” Hubbard electro-psychometer”.] Staff members talked of their goal to go get “audited” in Clearwater, Florida [Ed: location of Scientology’s spiritual headquarters]. The “graduations” on Friday nights were like the early days of Nazism. Much stirring of the crowd, attempting to work the crowd
into a frenzy. Propaganda about the wonders of Narconon, and its virtuous benefits. There was one graduation that comes to mind. A lady that must have been high up in Scientology made a statement that “she had been to several facilities in the org. but this was the finest”. It got so quiet that you could
have heard a pin drop.

There was also a constant barrage of making out KR’s (knowledge reports) or “spy reports” as I called them. The idea was to have everyone  spying on each other…very unsettling…very spooky stuff.

There was also a time that a team of super Scientologists came in and stayed for several days while making a documentary (propaganda) for Narconon. These guys did not blink, they were perfect Scientologists.


Some more on the fine folks north of us who use the “tech” of Hubbard to “cure” addiction.

For more on Narconon here is a web site with lots of into.  http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Stop-Narconon/

Scince the above was written a couple of years ago a lot has happaned, none of it favorable to Narconon.  

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    Ex-Scientologist story #297, The Fraud of Narconon. | Androvillans’s Blog

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