Ex-Scientologist story #300, Delphi school flunks.

The cult of greed and Ron bots.

Michelle Klein-Hass had one huge problem when she entered the Delphi School.  That problem was that she was not a Scientology indoctrinated bot like the other children.  In a world where uniformity of thought was the ideal she stood out; and standing out as in thinking for yourself, in the cult of Scientology in unwise if you just want to get along.  Soon she became a target for abuse.  After a while she couldn’t take it any more and tried to kill herself by jumping out of a window.  Luckily she was stopped and Scientology, fearing bad PR if she killed herself in the future, did her the favor of kciking her out.

Stories told about education in Scientology are always bad; despite the “tech’ of L. Ron Hubbard the children of Scientologists are mostly semi-literate.

One day, about a month after my run-in with Mrs. Phelps, I got violently ill with intestinal flu. I wanted to get some chicken noodle Cup A Soup, some saltines and other “sick food” to aid in my healing. I gave my $5 allowance to a girl in my dorm who I usually considered trustworthy…let’s call her Nancy. Nancy took the money and the shopping list and promised me I would get my stuff. Nancy was giggling to a friend when she left. I should have taken that as a bad sign, but I figured that she had been good to me in the past, so no big deal. She came back a few hours later. I asked her where my stuff was, and she said, “Oh, I’m SO SORRY, Sari! (that’s the name I was still using at the time) I got into a pool game with this cute guy, and I thought I could beat him. I didn’t, so I had to pony up your money too.” I was sick, but not sick enough to raise hell. I got my robe on over my nightshirt and went down to the “Admin Office.” I looked for the “ethics officer” but she wasn’t there, so I went to the Dean and complained. “Oh, that’s too bad…sorry to hear about it…yes, I’ll tell the “ethics officer” and she’ll get on it…certainly sounds like Out-ethics to me!” (NB: Out-ethics is Scientologist slang for an unethical act or an unethical person.) As far as I could tell, despite the Dean’s earnest words, Nancy was never punished. I had become “Fair Game” and I did not know it yet. According to Scientology policy, a person who is declared “Fair Game” may be, and this is a quote, “…deprived of property or injured by any means by a Scientologist without discipline of the [said] Scien- tologist. May be tricked, sued, lied to or DESTROYED.” (Emphasis mine) The policy of “Fair Game” was supposedly withdrawn by the Church in 1971, but evidence has surfaced over and over again that this policy, instituted in 1967, has never been abolished. As the summer wore on, I began to get more and more hassles. The incident with Corbett happened. I was told I could no longer go on field trips until “(my) attitude improved.” (This from my Dorm Proctor) My mail was being opened and read, without any attempt to conceal the invasion of my privacy. And the final blow came about two weeks before my Leave of Absence was to come up. I was told by the Dorm Proctor that a fellow student had seen me smoking Marijuana out in the woods. Now drugs are about the most verboten thing there is among Scientologists, and the penalty for drugs on campus was to be turned over to the Willamette County Sheriff’s Department for prosecution. My room was given a very cursory search (they ignored the books, that’s how cursory it was!) and someone took a twisted-ended cigarette from my dresser drawers. . .

The persecution continued unabated. I was ridiculed, some of my clothes began to disappear from the wash, I wound up getting Work Crew and other punishments for very minor infractions that the Scientologist kids were allowed to go scot-free on. Then came the night a week after I came back where I was told that my life would continue to be miserable unless I went in for higher-level Scientology courses. I told them “no, and I wouldn’t be able to afford them anyhow…” and they said “you get the Bridge for free if you join the Sea Org.” The Sea Org. The para-Naval organization with the uniforms and the Yes Sir, No Sirring. The “Billion year contract” to serve “Ron” over several incarnations. I told them absolutely not, and they said “Then the abuse will continue, and there is no guarantee that it will end after you leave here. Los Angeles is full of Scientologists.”

    It was a multiple bind. If I told Mom I wanted out, not only would Rocco be on my butt but a bunch of Scientologist crazies wanting to fulfill the “Fair Game” declaration on me. If I stayed, I would get crap. If I ran, there would be no familiar place, no friends to stay with because Gabrielle lived in Seattle and the farthest I’d probably be able to run would be Portland but probably more like Salem or Mc Minnville.

    I ran to the Girls’ bathroom. The windows were open due to unseasonably warm weather. I figured…well, it would be a 3 story drop, and chances were if I flung myself out the window I’d break my neck. I got up on the ledge and was ready to go when someone yelled NO! and pulled me in.

To read the rest of this interesting story go here: http://www.whyaretheydead.info/childabuse/michelle.html

A bit more on children in the cult, here is a sec check for kids.  At first I thought it must be a joke but after a little checking I found out it was the real thing.

And finally a few select quotes from the Scientology Aids Order 203-71.  This dates, I believe, from 1981.  Nothing has changed since then, children were treated like cattle back then too.


“Numerous reports of out-ethics and criminal behaviour by PAC children, i.e. out-2D [illegal sexual conduct], stealing, etc.”

“Quite a number of children are behind their grade level on studies in the public school system (which is absurd since we have study tech and wogs don’t).”

“As shown by the Stat Section the Cadet Org and CEO scene is wildly off the rails and the scene has become very degraded. PAC SO children instead of becoming valuable personnel assets are in many cases becoming criminals.”

“the CO Cadet Org put on by the 76 mission, Bob Raffe, was criminal and sadistic to other Cadets. He was removed mid 77 after he handcuffed another  cadet to an electrical outlet and nearly electrocuted him.”

“Looking into this [Cadet Org] it was found that the CEO also had a large number of DBs [“degraded beings”], criminals and perverts posted in it. Some of these would slap the cadets around”

To read more go here: http://www.raids.org/gen00049.htm

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