Ex-Scientologist story #301, Forced into the Sea Org at age 6.

Scientology has grown rich on child labor.

If you want to read one of the best written blogs about the cult try this one: 

Infinite Complacency, Violence and Abuse in Scientology.  http://infinitecomplacency.blogspot.com/

I am going to quote a bit from this blog on the subject of Daniel Montalvo.  There are a number of blogs that have commented on his case, if you are a dedicated Scieno watcher this one is a dandy, including Marty Rathbun’s blog:  http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/?s=Daniel+Montalvo

So who is Daniel Montalvo?

Another former Scientologist is suing the movement, saying he was abandoned into their care as a five-year-old, worked minimum 40-hour weeks from age 12 – and at 16 lost part of his right index finger in a workplace accident.
Ecuador-born Daniel Montalvo is also suing his Scientologist parents for having left him in Scientology’s care, thus depriving him of a proper education and allowing him to be exploited as cheap labour while still a minor.
Two lawsuits have been filed on Montalvo’s behalf by Christopher “Kit” Winter of the Dykema Gossett law firm.
“Intentionally deprived of the basic life skills needed to permit him to become a functioning adult member of society, Daniel now comes before this Court a nineteen year old man with a functioning eighth grade education, without assets, without a resumé despite having labored for hundreds of hours per week over the past five years…” says the complaint.
An eighth-grade education is equivalent to that of a 13-year-old.
Every adult in Daniel’s childhood failed him…,” says Winter, alleging negligence and false imprisonment.

The second lawsuit, filed against Scientology’s Bridge Publications, alleges negligence over the accident that cost Montalvo part of his finger.
And among the defendants named in the lawsuit is long-term Scientologist Kendrick Moxon, one of the movement’s own lawyers, who dealt with Montalvo after he quit the movement.
Moxon is accused of false imprisonment for having allegedly lured Montalvo back toLos Angelesunder false pretences only for the police to arrest him on theft charges.
Signing up at six years old
In 1996 or thereabouts, Montalvo’s parents joined the Sea Organization, Scientology’s elite cadre, says the first complaint.
“Sea Org members adopt a paramilitary lifestyle in which they wear navy-style uniforms and hold ranks such as captain, lieutenant and ensign.”
Because of a Sea Org policy prohibiting members from raising children, they handed their five-years-old son over to the Cadet Org, the children’s equivalent of the Sea Org, the lawsuit adds.
From that point on, Montalvo was either in the care of the Sea Org, Canyon Oaks – a Scientology school inCalifornia– or the Church of Scientology International (CSI). CSI and Canyons are defendants in the case.
Montalvo was only six years old when he was first made to sign the billion-year contract, in which Scientologists swear to serve the Sea Org for this lifetime and countless future lives.
Aged 12, he graduated from the Cadet Org to the Sea Org, signing another billion-year contract, living in the SO’s “communal barracks-style housing” and eating in “mess halls”, under the group’s constant control and supervision.
“While Daniel was in the Sea Org, except under extremely limited circumstances, he was specifically prohibited from accessing news media, Internet, non-Scientology bookstores, and other sources of information not controlled by the Sea Org,” says the lawsuit.
Californialaw, where the cases were filed, requires children to receive a full-time education until 18, when they become adults.
Yet from the time he entered the Sea Org – at age 12 – to when he left in September 2010, age 19, Montalvo was required to work 40 hours or more a week, “often working in excess of 100 hours per week, at a pay rate ranging from $35.00 to $50.00 per week.”[1]
And once in the Sea Org, he only attended school one day a week, his work schedule permitting “and if he chose to do so rather than having precious ‘free’ (i.e. not working) time.
“To the extent that Daniel’s teachers attempted to enforce school attendance requirements, they were generally overruled by Daniel’s Sea Org superiors.” And his parents were fully aware of the situation, the complaint adds.
From this point on the story goes downhill.  Downhill?  You mean things get worse??  Yes Virginia, they do.
First we have a serious work related accident, no OSHA inspectors around I guess.  Daniel at one point sells books for Bridge Publications working 100 hour weeks with severe punishments meted out if goals are not met.  When Daniel finnally reaches the point where can’t take it anymore he gets arrested by the local lickspittle constabularly. the Riverside County Sherrif’s department.  This fiasco would result in a lawsuit against Scientology lawyer (an old GO “Snow White” veteran” Kendrick Moxon for false imprisonment. 
This case is so off the rails that it could do some serious damage to the upper crust folk at Hmemt, CA.  To read more go here:
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