Ex-Scientologist story #311, The Duke of Chug.

It began and ended with aliens.

Here is another example of how things work in the lower warren of the rabbit hole.  Jason Harris is ordered to creat a monster computer program that will take all the leg work out of ethics.  Files go into the system which then spits out SP declares.  This was aptly named after one of Hubbard’s mental fantasies named after the alien Duke of Chug.  Follow the link below to the Operation Clambake message board and you will see thin post and others with some interesting sidebars by Chuck Beatty who knew Jason from back in the Sea Org days.

Chug: well given that I once held the post of D/Chug Project I/C for Technical, OSA will have to work hard at disputing what you say.

Chug was the name of a planet, that according to Hubbard, almost suffered from a revolution. The computer system put together the facts of civil unrest, and reduced tax revenue.  It determined that the current Duke of Chug was actually increasing taxes, but not forwarding them on – he was embezzling the money.

Hubbard’s idea was that we could create a computer system similar to this. One that would watch the world wide scientology stats, and detect problem areas. Then take immediate action and prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

So the computer would detect a scientology org that was not doing well, evaluate all the statistics, and then issue a rote “handling”.

And BTW, according to Hubbard, that computer ordered the Duke of Chug executed. This was carried out and the planet went back to “normal”.

Accordingly, the computer systems we programmed had unlimited ethics powers, backed by Hubbards ethics policies.  They never ordered anyone executed, but they had the full gamut of scientology ethics to apply.

The SP Hall reminds me of the end result of another system. This was called Orders Logging. You may have heard BFG mention COB’s staff that do nothing but log all the insane orders he gives? Well we designed and implemented a system that helped not only track all these orders, but tell you who was continually non-complying. All the orders were integrated, and non-compliance to one, meant all your other orders went up a notch.

Every time you non-complied to an order from COB (no matter how ridiculous it was) you went up a gradient. This starts from noting your non-compliance, ordering a debug on the target, up the gradients through ethics investigations and hearings, then onto committees of evidence (courts-martial).  The end result of continual non-compliance was you getting a provisional SP declare, and eventually the real declare. Sound familiar?

For more go here: http://ocmb.xenu.net/ocmb/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=29126&start=15

Here is something that really belongs with this story:

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