Ex-Scientologist story #313, Fear and Loathing in 1982.

Hubbard orders his mission system looted.

In 1982 Hubbard looted the mission holders, who held Scientology franchises, of tens of millions of dollars he claimed they owed him for various things including licensing.  This was all a sham of course, the real sin here is that he never, ever, at all, under any conditions, wanted anyone to make money from off of Scientology except him.  His own son left Scientology because “Nibs” couldn’t make enough to feed his family despite his father’s vast wealth. 

Former Commanding Officer, LA, Jay Hurwitz was part of the carnage of the mission holder’s fiasco.  The following quote comes from chapter five of A Piece of Blue Sky, Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed, by Jon Atack.

“At the end of August, David Mayo and his entire staff were removed from their positions, and put under guard at Gilman. The next month, Franks’ successor as Executive Director International, Kerry Gleeson, was removed, and replaced by the head of Scientology’s operations in continental Europe, Guillaume Lesevre. In October several other well known, long-term Sea Org members were rounded up and taken to Gilman Hot Springs. One of these, Jay Hurwitz, described the experience in some detail:

The first day I arrived at INT
[International HQ, Gilman] I had a Nazi style “Interrogation” sec check which
was done by the highest authorities of Scientology. There were four
interrogators present in the room firing questions at me while I was on a meter.

They were: David Miscavige, one of the
three highest execs running Scientology today; Steve Marlowe, Executive Director
of RTC; Marc Yaeger, CO CMO INT; Vicky Aznaran, Deputy Inspector General.

Their first question to me was “Who is
paying you?”… I was then subjected to enormous duress with statements like “we
will stay here all night until you tell us who is running you” (in other words 1
was a plant, an enemy agent). Miscavige said he would declare me [Suppressive]
on the spot if I didn’t tell him who my operations man was ….

For the first five days I was at INT I
was kept locked up under guard with three other people (females) . . . for the
first two days, we were kept in an office ….For the next three days, we were
kept confined in a toilet, under guard ….We used the same toilet facilities in
the presence of one another.

Hurwitz accused Miscavige of physically
assaulting three people during the course of his investigation. A Committee of
Evidence was convened and lasted for several weeks. Hurwitz was one of those who left before the Findings and Recommendations of that “Comm Ev” were published in January 1983.”

If you want to read some really whacked-out, bat-shit crazy nonsense then go here to read the SP declare that Scientology issued to Jay.  The rabbit hole here is very deep . . .


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