Ex-Scientologist Story #319, The cult of Greed and Avarice.

Scientology is all about making money, not that any of the staff get it, no, that is reserved only for the top dog.   With few exceptions staffers and Sea Org members live in poverty.  The following is a post made on ARS on 7/11/99.

The CoS does indeed have high prices. But according to my experience   from an average local org the income is seldom big enough to cover the  basic costs, as rent, electricity, phones etc. Therefore local orgs can  be heavily insolvent. The salary sum shall be 30% and the “promotion sum” amounts to 20 or 30% of the corrected gross income, CGI (the gross  income minus bounced checks, refunds, book sales, field staff member  commissions etc.).

If an org makes $10,000 a week, for example, and if the CGI is $6,000,  the salary sum will be $1,800. If the org has 40 staff members it makes  an average pay of $45 (note that a high executive earn twice as much as  an ordinary full-time staffer. There may also be a social security cost,  which is deducted from the salary sum). The promotion sum will be $1,200  or $1,800, which is mostly spent on postage and printing.

The local orgs are bound to pay “tithes” to the “mother church” – The  Church of Scientology International (CSI) and the continental liaison  office (for management etc.) and to Golden Era (for tech films). These  payments together can amount to 20% of the CGI, sometimes lesser,
sometimes more.

Where the international money goes, I can’t tell. Surely the CSI pays  licence fees to the Religious Technology Center (RTC). A certain  percentage goes to the Sea Org Reserves (SOR) – “the Big Vault (BV)”,  these reserves are said to be HUGE.

Markus Grahn
Former Director of Disbursements,
Stockholm Org

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