Ex-Scientologist story #325, Mustard and the RPF for Quentin Hubbard.

Rebecca Jessup, wife of Mike Goldstein while she was in Scientology saw a lot while in the cult, for Training and/or processing level:Class VIII, did to OT3 ‘in’, NOTs ‘out’ Org or location: NY org (’66-67), London Org (67-68), St Hill (67-69), ASHO (69) AOLA (1970), AOSHDK (1970-73), Apollo (1973-74), Denver org (’74-80?), Ft Harrison (~1980??) Time involved in the Church of Scientology:1966-1987. 

 While on the ship “Apollo” she saw how L. Ron Hubbard treated his son after a failed suicide attempt.  This is taken from the book “Bare Faced Messiah”  chapter 19:

“Doreen ran to the Commodore’s cabin and said ‘Quentin’s taken some pills.’   Hubbard did not need it spelled out. He told Doreen to fetch some mustard from  the galley and mixed it into a drink which he made Quentin gulp down. The boy  vomited repeatedly and was taken to the sick bay to recover. His father sent  down a message that as soon Quentin was well enough to leave the sick bay, he  was to be assigned to the RPF. Mary Sue, who had a reputation for protecting her  children against the excesses of the ship’s regime, was powerless to intervene.   She was supposed to be responsible for welfare on board – indeed, she had won a  special dispensation from the Commodore to allow married couples in the RPF to  spend one night together a week – but knew her husband was in a towering rage  over Quentin and there was nothing she could do.

Rebecca Goldstein was among the inmates of the RPF when Quentin arrived. ‘It  was real tough for him,’ she said. ‘He was very delicate and refined, not at all self-important, very unlike his father. He  had hardly any facial or body hair and it was very hard to say whether he had  started shaving. There were rumours that he’d attempted suicide before. He  cringed from his father, he was completely overwhelmed by him.”

If you have never read Russell Miller’s “Bare Faced Messiah” you don’t know what you are missing, he shows unrefuted evidence that Hubbard was a con man and a liar.  http://www.xenu.net/archive/books/bfm/bfmconte.htm

She had few kind words for David Miscavige, in an exit survey she says:

‘Disconnection as a condition no longer exists’ — LRH policy of about 1968 or so should be enforced. Freeloader bills should be cancelled. DM should be drawn and quartered — no, make that, he should be beached.   If disconnection were cancelled, I might hear from my brother and sister again. After all these years, I would have mixed feelings about that.

To read the full questionnaire go here:  http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?127

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  1. This just proves what I have known for the last five years LRH was just a figurehead, as is DM toay. With the exception of the seven criminals who STARTED the so called “Church” as a money laundering operation for the mail fraud and child pornography ( and those who have seuceeded them) EVERYONE, WHO HAS anything TO DO WITH THIS CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION IS A VICTIM!

    • You use the word “proves” in a way that makes me wonder if I can read English.

      • You may be right about that…interesting view.

        Please help us get this petition signed. Small blow, but a blow nonetheless. It has been bloody hard to get all these viewpoints for and against the COS or LRH or even Scientology itself to align long enough to get “a done” getting that petition through.

        If you have signed help us find others. We still have to get 1,109 people before the 24th. We just got one of the urls http://wh.gov/40s hacked again–last time that really slowed us down. People drop off when they can’t get though. http://tinyurl.com/62eqyyl should work. If not I’ll dig up the long one for you.

  2. Please help us by signing this petition re: law enforcement and the abuses within the Church of Scientology.

    http://tinyurl.com/62eqyyl We need 5,000 signatures by Oct 24, 2011 to have a Special Prosector appointed.

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