Ex-Scientologist story #327, Eva Kleinberg, Child Neglect in Scientology.

Rock slam!! Into the salad you go!!

Excerpts from ‘SCIENTOLOGY’S CHILDREN,” St. Petersburg Times, November 10-11, 1991

Eva Kleinberg moved from Germany to Clearwater with her 9-year-old son, Mark, in 1986. She had joined a group of Scientology staff members called the “Sea Org.”

Eva was told she would have two hours a day for family time. But with travel time from work, she said she actually had only one hour with her son. Because of the 12-hour workdays, she couldn’t always stay awake for the full hour.

“I would compromise with my son,” she said. After eating, she and her son would divide the remaining half-hour of their family time. “I would play a game with him for 15 minutes, and I would get to lay down for 15 minutes and sleep.”

While Eva worked, Mark cleaned up around the motel or played with friends.  About a year later, Eva and Mark left the church.  Asked what he thinks of Scientology, Mark, now 14, said, “I don’t think it’s
too good ’cause the people … they don’t get to spend any time with their family and it’s real expensive.”

Church spokesman Richard Haworth said staff Scientologists actually spend three or four hours a day with their children, which he said is more than the average family.

Eva Kleinberg said she lived in a one-bedroom motel unit with her 9-year-old son and another mother and child. She said she knew of a family of seven that lived in a single room. Home was the former Quality Inn, 16432 U.S. 19 N near Largo.

“When I came here (in 1986) it was such a disaster, she said.”

Michael Pilkenton said he used to live in a two-bedroom apartment with seven roommates, including a boy of about 10 whose parents were in California.

Pilkenton, 27, is a former staff Scientologist. He lived in Hacienda Gardens, a Scientology-owned apartment complex, in 1989.

For the rest of the story go here:  http://www.scientology-lies.com/sptimeschildren.html

Not shocked enough??  Read what Hubbard had to say about children and you will be.


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