Ex-Scientologist story #328, Cult “psycho-terrorism” in Germany.

This is the story of Thomas Kling who got an SP declare because he went to the press after a failed attempt to get him to disconnect from somebody as per the orders of Scientology.  Anyone who does not follow orders well will not make a good Scientologist.

Contact seen as “crime”

Scientologist receives dubious letter /
Called “psycho-terrorism” by
Constitutional Security

Bremen, Germany
July 26, 1999
Weser Kurier

Bremen Geli von Allwoerden is not afraid. When the woman from Bremen  thinks about the letter which she received from two Scientology members not long  ago, though, she gets uneasy. That is because the former member of the  organization and her spouse, Thomas Kling, from the viewpoint of the  Scientologists, committed a “high crime” when they made contact with our  newspaper last May. According to Hamburg Constitutional Security, former members such as these are threatened with psycho-terrorism and libel from the side of  the Scientologists.

Monday, July 26, 1999

“All nonsense,” Gisela Hackenjos, Scientology press spokesperson, denied the  accusations. She said the woman from Bremen and her partner should finally let  the past go and leave the “Scientology Church” alone. She said the “high crime  report” which Geli von Allwoerden received from the Scientologists through the
mail was an “internal matter of the Scientology Church.” She stated that these  kind of reports are written on people who have “soiled” the writings and  technology of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. “High crime reports” were  alleged to have no effect on subject people like the pair from Bremen. Hackenjos  stated, “The von Allwoerden woman can throw it into the trash can.”

Security Checks with the “E-Meter”

Geli von Allwoerden was an active member of the Bremen Scientologists for  twelve years. When she dared depart the organization four years ago with her  partner Thomas Kling, her friends from the sect kept in touch with her. Her  acquaintances had to pay a high price for their friendship with the apostates,  reported Geli von Allwoerden. The men and women from the Bremen “Scientology  Mission” continued to be required to undergo so-called “security checks” at the  Villa on Osterdeich. The interrogations were carried out with the “E-meter,” a  form of lie detector. Presumably the organization was worried that the two  former members were cooperating with German Constitutional Security.

“At some point in time we got tired of this surveillance by the thought  police,” said Thomas Kling. In early summer of this year, Geli von Allwoerden  did something unthinkable for a former member: she marched directly to the  “Ethics Officer” in the Bremen “Mission” on Osterdeich and told the perplexed  woman that she finally wanted to be left alone, and to stop interrogating her  friends.

Overtaxed “Scientology Secret Service”

Just the opposite happened. Resigned, the couple finally turned to our newspaper and thereby committed, in the eyes of the Scientology teachings, a  “high crime.” According to a policy by L. Ron Hubbard which is still in force  today, people who publicly turn against Scientology are declared to be  “suppressive persons.” In the 1960s, Ron L. [sic] Hubbard wrote about such  people that they could be “lied to, sued, tricked or destroyed.” The sect press  spokesperson, irritated, countered with, “This policy has not been in effect for  20 years.”

Other ideas are expressed by the Hamburg Scientology Commissioner, Ursula  Caberta. In contrast to the Scientologists’ methods in the USA, German critics  do not have to fear physical violence. However, whispering campaigns and  harassment continue to be used to cause former members or journalists to be
silent. For this purpose, the Scientology organization utilizes its private  secret service, “OSA” (Office of Special Affairs). In view of the many former  members in northern Germany, however, Ursula Caberta is convinced that the OSA  has been overtaxed in their work.

According to information provided by the Hamburg Scientology specialist, the  Villa on Osterdeich has recently been put up for sale. The Hamburg  Scientologists are also said to be having massive problems. Presumably they will  shortly be served with a notice to vacate.

Rose Gerdts-Schiffler

For more stories on Scientology in Germany go here: http://www.lermanet.com/cisar/survey/gb.htm#990726b

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