Ex-Scientologist story #329, 1950’s member; then Doubts and Disconnection,

Patricia Krenik was an early member who saw a lot and understood even more.  She saw the rise of Hubbard; she also saw the mildew behind the facade.  The following quotes were taken from a very interesting account of her time in Scientology.  This essay was entered in the ARS Literati $10,000 Challenge which I think was in 2000.  At the time I worked for the LMT and I remember reading this.  Anyway,it is worth the time to read, Patricia has some great stories to tell!

It was Christmas Eve in Seattle, WA; the year was 1951. I unwrapped the book my uncle had sent me, Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard. Earlier I had seen it in a bookstore, but couldn’t part with the $4.00. After all, I had a small daughter to care for, was attempting to get a divorce from my first husband, and at twenty-one years old was picking up odd jobs to make ends meet.

It is an understatement to say that the book changed my life…for better and for worse! As in marriage, bonding with Dianetics and/or Scientology rarely becomes “lives happily ever after.” Of course, I didn’t know that then. I was one of the first wave of new auditors, excited about book auditing and helping promote the new evolution to the state of clear. I was involved–heart, mind, soul and body.

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Patricia Krenik and I am currently on the Church of Scientology’s SP list. SP means Suppressive Person, which means (at least in their eyes) that I’m a bad ass. I have committed the “high crime” of speaking out against some of the practices of the Church, and letting others know that I am no longer a member, having resigned about thirteen years ago. That is a big “no-no” in the Church. Those who speak out and say anything that doesn’t make Scientology well-known and well thought of can have their name wind up on the SP list. My name is there, even if it is misspelled.

You might ask, why would I care if they put my name on a SP list since I am no longer a member of the COS that is, Church of Scientology? Ah ha, now we are getting to basics. The Church practices “disconnection”, requiring that members in good standing disconnect from any of the ex-members or other so-called bad  apples who are on the SP list. That means if you have a family member who is a member of said Church they can’t talk or write to you if your name is on that list. Gee, not even e-mail. Or they won’t communicate for fear of losing their rights to have auditing and training. Currently I have a daughter who is still willing to pay the Church over $300 an hour for either her or my grandson’s services. She and Rory have been told to disconnect from me, and she has written me two letters of disconnect.

Would she have disconnected from me without the influence of this church? I doubt it. We were reasonably friendly. My grandson and I are fond of each other. Does it affect my life? Yes. The COS claims to want to make people more able, yet it advocates cutting communication lines. Contrary data? You bet! . . .

People who lilved on other planets or had advanced views on UFOs found a home in Scientology where objective thinking took a second place to things that were “true for you.”   Captain Bill Robinson was the most famous but there were others.

There was a lot of chitchat going on when I first arrived in Washington D.C. to sign up for the ACC. The rumor was someone had gone clear in the HGC (Hubbard Guidance Center). The story was that he went into session as an ordinary human being, and came out of session with no memory as to who or what he had been in this life, or what this society and its standards were about. His name was Ralph, and I talked to him at that time, but he didn’t admit to being clear, and he was never declared to be clear. He spoke his English as if highly educated, but claimed that as a being he had been stuck in a spaceship and suddenly came to Earth. When he arrived he found his body surrounded with mental image pictures. Deciding he didn’t need or want them, he just erased them. The problem was that his orientation was from a different planet. He was surprised that the “atmosphere was condensing”, that we didn’t have climate control and that the  sidewalks did not move.

Nibs helped his father write many of the early Scientology courses including the infamous “Purification Rundown,” was estranged from his dad over money.  The avarice of the elder Hubbard knew no bounds.  Maybe that is why he died filthy rich but with few friends.

Nibs, Ron’s son who had helped teach the course I took, had a reputation of being an excellent auditor and an effective instructor. So it was shock to hear the rumors. He and Henrietta had left staff. The cover story was that the Communists had gotten to him and brainwashed him. I didn’t believe it. Last I had heard is that Nibs had wanted a raise, he couldn’t live with his wife on the wages he was receiving, and he had asked his father for one. Part of his father’s mind that no one could get into had to do with money. If that weren’t true Nib’s asking him for more money would not have been the catalyst that set  the two of them apart for the rest of their lives.

Patrician made the mistake of joining the Sea Org; the paramilitary group that ran Scientology.  This group was a haven for predators and sadistic mental cases.  Here she talks about the wonderful life of a Sea Borg member and the RPF, the internal prison system.

Staff members work long hours at very low pay. If you are part of the Sea Organization and the rice and beans and reduced paycheck doesn’t work to motivate you to get your statistics up, you are a prime candidate for the RPF, that is, Rehabilitation Project Force. There you will not be permitted to communicate with other members of the group. (Oops, there is that freedom of speech issue again). If that doesn’t cure you, you could even be sent to the RPF’s RPF, intended, supposedly, for rehabilitation, but there are many stories of sleep deprivation being common as a practice in the RPF’s RPF. Quite a turn around from the Scientology I knew in its early days of development, when the Auditor’s Code said, as I remember it, “Do not audit a pre-clear who has had  insufficient sleep or is physically tired.” We knew you could not rehabilitate anyone who was not well rested. Sleep deprivation is just a method of brainwashing…of getting compliance, not a method to free people. So on one hand we have the lure of the worthwhile purposes of a better world, while on the other hand mind control is practiced within the ranks. Is this schizoid, or what?

There was one song I heard over and over again, about every two or three years at the L.A. orgs. Whatever the complaint it was handled with, “Oh, we don’t do that any more.”

To read more of this strory go here:  http://www.netswan.com/ministry/essay_new.htm

Just for fun I am going to put in a corny old TV ad for the cult.

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