Ex-Scientologist story #330, “Your future is black”: extortion and greed.

The main purpose of Scientology is to make money; the talk about “Clearing the Planet” is just window dressing to deceive the ignorant.  It follows then that once they had their hooks on your money you will pound sand trying to get it back.  That was the case until the settlement was made with the IRS.  One good point about this settlement that is often overlooked is that Scientology has agreed to pay refunds to people who request it, and also to return any unused funds in their personal accounts.  This is very tough on the individual orgs because they have already spent the money, a good chunk of it going up lines to the criminals of the RTC.  So they have to dip into their current cash flow to pay people back with.  That can mean weeks and weeks of the staff eating rice and beans.  The point I am making is that when you get refunds or remove your cash from an account for services you didn’t take you are really “sticking it to them.”  This action hurts them more than you know!  So if you are pissed off enough at the cult follow it up and get your money back.  That goes for memberships in the IAS too.  If you scream and threaten long enough they will pay you because they are afraid of the IRS.

In the September 27, 1983 edition of the St. Petersburg Times, a story ran under the byline of “Former Scientologists Charge Church Harassed Them For Money.”  Former members were represented by attorney David Jordan of Glendale, CA, who himself was a ex-member.  Rita Naman was owed $79,000 in advance payment for courses she never took, Donna Day was owed some 24,000 dollars; both of these ladies objected to the high pressure sales techniques used to sell them services.  Clyde Klingman, who was owed some $4,500; he also told of the relentless pressure use to extort money from him.  “In his Affidavit Klingman said church representatives wanting to know why he sought a refund of money paid for future coursework told him, ‘your future is black.'”

For the rest of the story go here:  http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=8R8MAAAAIBAJ&sjid=B14DAAAAIBAJ&pg=6830,3590366&dq=former-scientologists&hl=en

I found something on YouTube recently that I would like to share with everyone.  Well, this is as good a place as any, enjoy.

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