Ex-Scientologist story #332, Forced Disconnecton. For RR.

Susan Talbot and her friends picket the cult.

Susan Talbot, and her then husband, were Scientologists living in East Grinstead, (St. Hill)  during the 1980’s and mid-1990’s.  So were her two daughters; who were in fact so dedicated that they became Sea Org members.  But some things just didn’t add up to Susan; people were afraid to speak their minds because they knew if they did they would be sent to ethics and made to undertake onerous Scientology studies and security checks.  The conditions of the staff was one of poor food, long hours with never a day off that was about as close to slavery as one could get.  The final straw was then she was told after paying for OT IV, the next step up in the advanced courses, that she was an illegal PC and that she would have to do her courses over from the beginning from scratch!  She quietly left Scientology along with her husband and one daughter.  But the other daughter stayed in the Sea Org.  After Susan requested her money back she got declared and as usual in the cult, her daughter disconnected from her.

A number of her videos are available on YouTube where she tells her story and also tries to see her daughter.

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