Ex-Scientologist story #333, Former GO member has his say.

Joe Larabell was a Dianetics auditor sometime during the 1960’s who eventually ended up in the Guardians Office.  He quit at some point before operation Snow White.  Later he would again take an interest in Scientology after he heard that the cult was attempting  to suppress any negative content on the net.

The organization:

The organization known as Scientology, at the time I was there, was a well-oiled example of organizational efficiency. Companies could do worse than to study and use some of the ideas found in Scientology’s “Organization Executive course”. Of course, as with all Scientology principles, these ideas were taught and held as absolutes, generally resulting in a mindlessly draconian atmosphere in which individual innovation was all but squashed. Hubbard managed to install a hectic statistic-based management system over the top of a win-or-die-in-the-process attitude that practically forbid anyone from stopping for longer than it took to take a crap.

Nearly all Scientologists, at least when I was around, seemed to believe that their existence on this planet was the only thing that stood between utopia and nuclear annihilation. Looking at things from this perspective, it’s not too hard to see how the group (as a whole) might tend to focus more on the attainment of
the goals of the group than on the sanctity of the individual. After all, if millions of lives are at stake, what’s one or two casualties along the way?

Of course, those looking in from the outside realize that this attitude really stems from an over-inflated sense of self importance. No goal is worth leaving an endless chain of trampled individuals in your wake. The point is that often the actions and reactions which we see coming from the Church are too often the result of zealous middle-managers blindly applying what they have studied in their executive courses rather than of any malicious intent on the part of the individuals involved. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Someday I may write some simple summaries of those Scientology management
principles I found most useful — some of which I occasionally use to this day in my personal life. For now perhaps just knowing the attitude from which most
Scientology policy stems is enough to help understand why things are as they are

To read the rest of Joe’s story go here: http://larabell.org/scientology.html

This is as good a place as any to put in the very Kool parody of a Scientology recruiting ad.

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