Ex-Scientologist story #334, Evil lives in the “church” of Scientology.

Former Sceintologist from Finnland Roger Larsson has no good words for this former cultists.  He rues the day that he ever came into contact with Scientology.

I saw the evil inside the ‘church’ of Scientology.

This greedy, this selfish, this step on people for “your” own best. Greatest good for the dynamics meant – it’s perfectly okay to have ragged people, write down your O/W:s and go on with the clearing of the planet. I bought it, I really thought it was that simple. Two words could have made my life different, two words saying so much, two words very simple in its construction, two words
consisting of eight letters – NO THANKS! 

I was sucked into this whales stomach where I stayed for a few years. Out I came finally with an empty wallet but than what?  I was brainwashed and  I could have  done much more damage to myself.  At least I don’t have any dissatisfied people in my social environment, no enemies, no evil eyes hunting and scaring me.

I tell people the truth, I tell them I’ve been taken, blinded by the light a cult and that’s why I have financial problems; people nod in understanding. I have given my trust in a cult that has created problems for me in society, nothing more or less.

I  have decided to inform people about mind  control and tell them to not swallow this crap no matter how much they sweeten it.   We can’t fail to be ourselves if we stick to our true identities, the ones the arrived on this world with through our parents.  We don’t need any f-ing group telling us how bad we are and taking all our money for their own criminal group.

For more truth about Scientology go to Shy David’s page:  http://www.holysmoke.org/redux.htm

This looks like a good place to plant something I found on YouTube the other day.

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