Ex-Scientologist story #343, Out after 13 years; cult anti-science.

Kelli Ayed and her family quit the cult after many years; living in the real world was quite a shock.  The following was posted to the newsgroup Alt.Religion.Scientology on July 7, 2006.

Well, my family and I have been out for 5 months.  We have spent the  past 5 months researching and reading both books and the net, trying to  make sense of our whole experience.  I spent the past 13 years truly  believing that every word out of Ron’s mouth (or pen) were golden and  absolutely factual, and to discover (from multiple sources with the  documentation to back it up) that he was nothing more than a charlatan  and a fraud was more than a little shocking.  It’s still going to take  some more time to get over that.

Anti-intellectual… absolutely.  My daughter was encouraged to miss  school on multiple occasions to complete courses or make up time (not  that I ever allowed that).  I was personally derided by higher execs  than myself (I was the HES and Dissem Sec, respectively) for having  gotten a college education.  Outside study was grounds for an ethics  visit, ostensibly because one should use any available time to move up  the bridge.  I never knew anything about the views on the scientific method; simply assuming that when Ron said it was researched, then it as researched.

One of the most wonderful women I have ever known died from cancer just  a few months after completing the Purif for the second time.  She never  went to the doctor for anything because she was well schooled in natural  healing type stuff.  Her husband is a chiro and actually delivered all  of their children at home himself.  She wasn’t diagnosed until she was  well past the point of no return.  The response of KC org’s current HES  was to send her folders uplines to see what went wrong with her  auditing.  I am saddened, I am sickened, and I am angry that these  people continue to be allowed to inhabit this planet.

My daughter was born with a heart condition that required open heart  surgery immediately after birth.  I was told by the doctors then that  she would begin to have problems again when she reached adult size,  which did turn out to be true.  She is now 15 and has gone from  apparently normal all of her life to where stairs and such can make her  pass out, in a very short time period.  The EO and HES were insistent  that she was PTS when she was born and just needed to get that sorted  out.  Well, I won, but how many scientologists in similar situations  don’t even argue?

It’s all well and good to debate all of these issues, and every day,  reading here on ars, I am healing a little bit more.  But I am also  getting more and more outraged at all that they have done and are still  doing, to very real people in the very real world. Of course they are anti-intellectual.  Otherwise parishioners might go  read something that gets them to snap out of it.  Then where would they be?

Needless deaths  in Scientology are nothing new.  Here is a site that tells the whole nasty story: http://theyshouldnothavedied.wordpress.com/

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