Ex-Scientologist story #347, another “Snow White’ agent.

Her husband gave the orders; she did the five years in prison.

Nanna Anderson was a spy for Scientology during the infamous “Snow White” caper that send Mary Sue Hubbard and other top Scientologists to jail and kept L. Ron Hubbard in hiding for the rest of his life.  “Snow White” operations took place in many countries but our focus in this case in Canada.  The following was found in part on of ten, a history of Scientology in Toronto.  The article cited was from the December 15, 1985 edition of the Toronto Globe & Sun.
The Church of Scientology decided to infiltrate the offices of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), and in 1985, after three years of pre-trial motions, a woman was convicted of stealing documents from the OMA at the Church’s behest.  Here is an article from the Toronto Sun newspaper, dated December 15, 1985:

Church used her to spy:
A woman who was “pressured into crime” by leaders of the Church of Scientology has been given an absolute discharge in provincial court.

Nanna Anderson, 39, of Scadding Court, pleaded guilty to possession of documents belonging to the Ontario Medical Association knowing that they had been stolen.  The offence occurred between November 1976 and March 1983.

Judge Lorenzo DiCecco granted the woman an absolute discharge, stating she had suffered enough.

Crown attorney John Pearson had told the court the woman was “pressured into crime by senior representatives of the Church of Scientology of Toronto.”

Anderson, who worked for the OMA, admitted taking the documents and giving them to a Scientology member to be photocopied and then returning the file.

Anderson said she was asked to get a file with more “meat” in it, but did not comply with the request.

Often testifying in tears, Anderson testified on “15 years of unbelievable stories” during her association with the Church of Scientology, beginning when she was 17.

In 1979, she said, a doctor who was a member of the church led her to believe she had cancer and asked her to obtain funds from her relatives for medical treatment.  She alleged 10% of the money would have gone to him.

After moving to Canada from England, Pearson said she did not work for the church initially.  But the church representatives approached her through her husband, a church member, and reminded her she had signed a long-term contract while living in England.

She was hired by the OMA and church representatives said they were interested in obtaining information from the OMA because the association was looking into whether the Church was practising medicine.

While Anderson was employed at the OMA, she received a letter from Herbert Parkhouse, a senior official of the church in England thanking her for the work she was doing, court heard.

Anderson said she divorced her first husband in England in 1974 because Parkhouse had said he was “bad for me.”  She said she wed Paul Anderson because Parkhouse said Anderson wanted to marry her.

“If they said march, I would march.”

To read more follow this link:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/critics/canada/SHinT-01.html

For a general overview of “Snow White” go here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Snow_White

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  1. That’s my mom. She died in 1995 but was able to rescue me out of Scientology before it was too late.

    I’m currently writting a book about the whole experience and how my dad took me to Los Angeles in 1984 just after all this happened. I was trapped in Scientology for 7 years with unbelievable storys until my mom Nanna risked her life to get me out.

    I was 14 when I got out so I was able to recover and start a normal life… Or so I thought. All I can say is this on some John Conner from the movie Terminator tip.


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