Ex-Scientologist story #348, Cynthia Anheier: recruited into the Sea Org with lies.

As a young woman of only 25 Cynthia made the mistake of taking the fake Scientology personality test.  It’s called the “Oxford Capacity analysis” but believe me, it has nothing to do with the famous English university.  It was made up by one of Hubbard’s adherents whose experience was pretty much limited to the merchant marine.  Anyway, she was told she could become an auditor of a certain level if she joined the Sea Org.  Of course that never happened.  Nor did their project for families in the Sea Org; an order came down from above forbidding anymore pregnancies in the Sea Org.  Her work in the Sea Org was only a waste of time.

Life in the Sea Org is no bed of roses; 


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