Ex-Scientologist story #349, St. Hell protesters call for reform, end disconnection policy.

From the East Grinstead Courier, April 5th, 1984.  “L120,000 Reward Offered by Sect.”  The first part of the article concerned the stolen OT courses from Denmark which the cult was trying to get back.  This the first, or one of the first, cracks in the wall concerning the OT series.  The second subject in the article concerned some very angry former or “Independent” Scientologists headed by Eric Ballard.  This must have been a huge embarrassment for the cult.  At the time Hubbard was in hiding from the IRS and the lawyers representing Tonya Burden; there were a lot of people, including Hubbard’s own son who though the cult leader was dead, maybe murdered.

“Forty “disenchanted” placard :carrying Scientologists went on a protest march through East Grinstead town centre during a mow flurry on Sunday in a demand for reforms at the UK headquarters at Saint Hill.

Spokesman for the protesters, Mr Eric Ballard, a 31-year-old marketing consultant, of Pound Hill, Crawley, said they wanted the sect to end what he claimed was its “disconnection” policy, which split up friends and families, and to end its monopoly which was resulting in exorbitant fees being charged for courses of counselling.

Mr Ballard, a former “minister” in the church, said they wanted answers to questions such as whether the sect’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, was dead or alive and what happened to the huge sums of money paid into the church by its devotees.”

 They hold placards with slogans including “If it isn’t fun it isn’t Scientology – L. Ron Hubbard”, “Down with the prices”, “Our ministers are entitled to use their own scriptures”, “Total Freedom”, “End Church Monopoly”, “Religion or Commercial Empire?” “Independent Scientologists Refuse Church Monopoly”, “Break the Monopoly” and one which appears to be “Reconnect not Disconnect”. Official signs for “Dianetics” and “Church of Scientology” are visible behind the placards, indicating that the photo was taken at the entrance to the Saint Hill estate.]

To read the full article go here:  http://cosmedia.freewinds.be/media/articles/egc050484.html


Despite the efforts of Scientology to “clear” the world the UK has been slow to take the hint.  There are only 2,418 in all of England and Wales.  Add a few hundred more, at most, for Scotland and Ireland.  Tony Orgtega wrote an interesting article on this Scientology epic fail.  

Only 2,418 Scientologists in England and Wales, Vastly Outnumbered by Jedi Knights

After all the new “Ideal Org” churches David Miscavige has been opening around the world in the last decade, there must be a giant surge of new members joining the Church of Scientology, right?

Um, well, no. In fact, the figures from the 2011 England and Wales census are out, and they are grim. In the second most important country to Scientology in the world, only 2,418 people claimed that they belonged to the church.

That’s not the only alarming number that came out this week regarding Scientology’s fortunes. Let’s dig in.

First, let’s try to put this census data into some perspective. It turns out that Scientology actually showed a little growth. Ten years ago, at the last census, only 1,781 people answered an optional question on the form by saying they were Scientologists.

That’s a growth rate of 64 new people each year in a country of 56.1 million people. This planet will be cleared in no time!

(Scientology traditionally claims to have more than 100,000 members in England and 10 million around the world, both of which are complete, well, balderdash, to use church spokeswoman Karin Pouw’s favorite word.)

The media is having a lot of fun with these results, of course. Scientologists in England and Wales are outnumbered by people who professed to be Jedi (176,632), Rastafarian (7,906), Heavy Metal (6,242), Druid (4,189), and Zoroastrian (4,105).

Also new this week: Google released information about 2012 search trends, and there was one result that stunned us.

In 2012, when Americans entered the words “What is…” in Google, the most popular next word they typed was “SOPA” — the controversial anti-piracy bill. But the second most popular “What is” search in the U.S. was “What is Scientology?”


Wow. We can think of lots of reasons why, of course. The divorce. The Master. Nazanin Boniadi.

So we are left with this: Interest in Scientology has probably never been higher, but that isn’t translating to growth for the church.

Meanwhile, more and more longtime, loyal members accustomed to paying big bucks are abandoning the church every day.

Church leader David Miscavige, however, keeps trying to take more and more money out of fewer and fewer people, as we’ve well established with our weekly leaks of fundraising mailers.

This math doesn’t look too good, COB.

For the full story go here.  http://tonyortega.org/2012/12/12/only-2418-scientologists-in-england-and-wales/


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