Ex-Scientologist story #350, Top auditor disconnects from disconnection.

Aida shown with Kirstie Alley after getting an award.

Aida Thomas was once one of the elite auditors (class VIII) in Scientology often receiving honors and mention in Scientology publications.  She joined Scientology in 1976; in 1996 she left because of the various abuses like disconnection and the RPF besides what she saw as the continued alteration of the “tech” that L. Ron Hubbard left his followers.  In her blog she states: 

“Since 1983 there has been an increasing decline of everything positive within and regarding the Church. Despite the energy, time and money people spend, the value of the services, the condition and numbers of its members and the reputation of the subject have all been on a disastrously rapid decline.”

As to her current status she states:

“First, I want to clarify that I am no longer part of any Freezone or  any “independent”  group,  new or old and  that am not in favor or against those who choose to make changes to the original writings of Scientology. It is not my hat to decide who is ‘standard tech’ or who is not.

I consider that it is up  to every individual to decide what is best for them and I strongly believe that spiritual freedom is a personal journey and each has to find what is true for themselves.”

For Aida’s blog go here: http://aidathomas.wordpress.com/

Here are a couple of the videos in which Aida tells her story: 


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