Ex-Scientologist story #352, “All the money was being sent to America.”

We have covered a number of stories in which Scientologists at St. Hill Manor, the headquarters of Scientology in the UK, suffered for want of adequate pay.  Staffers, including children, were put on diets of beans and rice for weeks on end.  In lean times, which became more frequent as the world learned more about Scientology, there was not even enough money for heat or electricity in the Scientology child care facilities.  But no matter how much they took in though they were paid only a pittance.  David Miscavige, the dictator of Scientology, learned well from his master that in this cult money should only flow one way; and that is to the Scientology headquarters in California.

The following is from the Daily Mail, February 11, 1984:

VICKY Ballard rose to power in the sect but left disillusioned.

She joined in 1972. She said: ‘I worked hard, earning only £5 to £10 a week. I lived, slept and ate to help the Church.’

She rose to be commanding officer at the sect’s British headquarters in East Grinstead, Sussex, close to where she lives.

But recent years brought a shift in the sect’s emphasis, she said. ‘All the money was being sent to America, leaving little for staff to pay in Britain.’

She complained. ‘Soon I was removed from my post. I was told I was “declared”

‘The Church kept trying to separate my husband and me. They tried to “declare” him, and tell him not to sleep with me or live with me–but he ignored that.’

She said her two children, Roland, nine, and Jasmina, 14, who attended Greenfields School, near East Grinstead, were suspended from the school just before Christmas.

The school follows the educational principles of Scientology. Mrs Ballard said: ‘Two days before the children were due to re-start, the headmistress said the children would have to leave.’

Headmistress Margaret Hodkin said: ‘The parents can be as anti-Scientology as they like– as long as they don’t let their children bring it into the school.

‘It is hard for the parents having an upsetting time with the Church, not to disturb their children’s home life.’

Here is more on the wonderful world of Scientology.

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