Ex-Scientologist story #356, Hy says ‘bye to Greed and Pressure

The ultimate cult of greed.

Here is another one of the great, ball-busting stories that the St. Petersburg Times is famous for.  Welcome to the world where fear rules all and greed the only real virtue. 

Former Scientology insiders describe a world of closers, prospects, crushing quotas and coercion

By Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writers
In Print: Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hy Levy lived in terror of what would happen if he didn’t make his number, a weekly sales target of $200,000. The money was due every Thursday by 2 p.m.

No excuses. 

Often when he failed, his bosses exiled him to the kitchen to scrub pots. Sometimes they made him eat only beans and rice for a week. They publicly humiliated him, calling him a loser, a saboteur. They got in his face, screaming, swearing. You soulless bastard!

He said they used profanity a lot where he worked: the Church of Scientology.

For 16 years Levy was a “registrar” selling Scientology counseling and training services at the church’s worldwide spiritual headquarters in Clearwater. He toiled morning to night, part of a team driven by fear and religious conviction to bring the church millions of dollars each week by “closing” people — church terminology. . .

He tells how he and other religious workers behaved like secular salespeople — using “tags” and double teams to “close” people, and referring to parishioners as “prospects.”

He recalls how church “ethics” officers strong-armed their faithful, suggesting that donating would get them out of trouble. Refusing to give could halt their spiritual progress. 

Levy says chasing dollars became more important than helping people. . .

Registrars who failed to secure cash or meet a quota could expect punishments.

The church might feed them only beans and rice.

They were sometimes made to sleep in “pigs’ berthing” — shabby rooms with no air conditioning and a mattress on the floor.

At weekly sessions called “Flaps and Handlings,” supervisors vilified them, making them confess their failings in front of hundreds of co-workers.

“You got to go up there and bare your soul to the crew,” Levy said. “It’s a degrading, horrible thing.”

Often when Levy failed at work, West sent him to the galley at the Sandcastle Hotel. One minute he was working with banks and brokerage houses, the next he was elbow-deep in a sink of dirty pots, an apron covering his shirt and tie. To keep from slipping, he pulled on boots if he could find a pair.

Levy said he preferred those penalties to the ridicule he often got from West and other supervisors. 

He described the things they screamed at him: “If you don’t pull this off, I’m going to make your life a living hell!” … “Scumbag!” … “Motherf—-r!”

When he didn’t make his number, they said he had an “evil purpose” to hurt Scientology. He was “CI” — short for “counterintentioned” — about the church’s advancement.

“It would push me to tears,” Levy said. “I was, I thought, a pretty decent, strong person. But it demolished me.”

For the rest of this great story go here: http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1201166.ece

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