Ex-Scientologist story #366, “Allied Scientists of the World.”

Contrary to the pabulum that official Scientology sites pass off as history things did not always work out well for the future Commodore.  One project that came to grief was Hubbard’s attempt to gather the scientists of the world under his control.  He put one of his students, a store clerk named Perry Chapdelaine, in charge of this scheme.   The history of Scientology is replete with grandiose plans that came to naught.

Hubbard’s major attempt to establish himself among scientific elites occurred in the closing months of 1951, when he created what became a short-lived organization, the Allied Scientists of the World (Miller, 1987: 198; Wallis, 1977: 74-75; see Atack, 1990: 125).  Hubbard’s plan for the Allied Scientists “was to establish an alliance of leading international scientists and to store all the latest scientific research on microfilm in an atom-bomb-proof archive somewhere in Arizona.  In that way, he argued somewhat obscurely, individual nations would be denied the technical capacity to wage a nuclear war” (Miller, 1987: 198).  Perry Chapdelaine, whom Hubbard had placed in charge of the project, insisted years later that Hubbard “‘thought with Allied Scientists he could control war and in that way control the world.  That was what he wanted, no question” (quoted in Miller, 1987: 198).  The organization’s mailing to scientists elicited little response except to the FBI from recipients who thought that Allied Scientists might be a communist-backed subversive organization.  Hubbard’s plans, therefore, to unite world scientists died soon after it was born.

The above was taken from an article published in the Cult Awareness and Information Library.


The foundation mentioned here went bankrupt due to Hubbard’s lack of financial acumen.  He lost control of the product “Dianetics” so he had to come up with a new term: Scientology.  But here he came to grief with the fact, still a factor today, of people going insane while on Scientology auditing.

From Bare-Faced Messiah, p.169:

In October, Hubbard returned to the East Coast for a few days and was greeted at Elizabeth with the news that the Foundation was approaching a financial crisis — its monthly income could no longer even cover the payroll — and Joseph Winter, the man who had done so much to validate Dianetics, was about to resign.

Winter was deeply disillusioned with the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation. He no longer believed that Dianetics was free from risk — two pre-clears had developed acute psychoses during auditing — and he was extremely worried by the Foundation’s continuing willingness to accept anyone for training as an auditor.

`People had breakdowns quite often,’ said Perry Chapdelaine, a Sears Roebuck clerk from Mason City, Iowa, who was a student at Elizabeth. `It was always hushed up before anyone found out about it. It happened to a guy on my course, a chemical engineer. They wanted to get him out of the school and I volunteered to stay with him in an adjoining building. He never slept or ate and was in a terrible state, no one could do anything with him and in the end they took him off to an asylum.”

A favorite quote from Hubbard:

“Arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly and the whole catalogue of illnesses goes away and stays away.” L. Ron Hubbard, DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH, 1987 Ed., p. 72

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