Ex-Scientology story #367, The song of an early SP.

A suppressive person or an “SP’ is supposed to be a person entirely given over to criminality; an enemy of mankind; or person so foul as to have no redeeming qualities.  In other words a person who has found fault with L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology.  How such dark souls could have made it into Scientology, armed as they are with the E-Meter, remains a mystery.

The following is taken from chapter ten of, The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper, A Tower Book, 1971. 

Another Scientology “suppressive,” now an outspoken critic of the group, called Scientology “the beginnings of a Nazi party” in court, during an American tax case. Mr. Raymond J. D. Buckingham, a very accomplished English basso who administers a voice school in Manhattan, initially got into Scientology through one of his pupils. She agreed to give him $30 worth of processing in return for an equal amount in voice lessons. 

When he complained about the situation to the Scientologists, however, they said they would speak to him about it only if he would agree to pay them $25 for the first session of “advice.” He agreed, but they then said they wouldn’t talk to him unless he “disconnected” from a business partner. It seemed that the Scientologists had also labeled the partner a “suppressive person” because he was connected to a suppressive. 

Buckingham then had the incredible courage to speak against Scientology on a radio show, and the Scientologists countered by declaring him a “suppressive person, outside their protection,” and “fair game.” Those of his students who had become Scientologists (at his recommendation) were ordered to “disconnect” from him — and also from any money they legally owed him. (This represented a loss of about $200 a week for him.) 

One of his students, a famous singer, in whom he had invested almost $30,000 as her agent, told him that she had learned in her auditing sessions that “you killed me in my past fifteen lives.” Then she not only disconnected from him, but also from the arrangements he had made for her to perform in summer stock theatres. The loss almost ruined him, and her as well, since she was fined by Actors’ Equity and left the country. 

During this time, he was also receiving phone calls in the middle of the night from men and women threatening to kill him. And his fiancé, who at first didn’t leave Scientology and join him, was held in a room at the Org for four hours until she agreed to sign a statement saying that Buckingham had threatened to kill her. The story does have a happy ending. Three in fact. Mr. Buckingham and his fiancé eventually did get married.

To read the rest of the chapter go here:  http://www.xenu.net/archive/books/tsos/sos-10.html

“Show me any person who is critical of us and I’ll show you crimes and intended crimes that would stand a magistrate’s hair on end.”

– L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, 4 April 1965

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  1. The Holy Scriptures written by The GOD L. Ron. Hubbard
    The God Ron said “Never Defend, Always Attack”. He “thought” and then “Doctrine of Fair Game” came into being into this Sinful World to control it.
    He saw that people got sick and he claimed to all mankind. “That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition”.
    He saw that all real causes of illnesses and symptoms, had to be suppressed, hidden, erased from his Ronbots’ brains, so he needed a way to keep the fraud secret. So he claimed to his slaves that all the REAL CAUSES of illnesses in the world were only an illusion and a deception created by psychiatrists to dominate the world in mental health and MDs in physical health.
    “So long as a physiological phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.” LRH (from Journal of Scientology Issue 4-G from Oct. 1952)
    But the truth even though suppressed, has been exposed. I am the only living soul (outside of upper Sea Org staff) who knows exactly how his 72 hour delayed physiological reactions (restimulation) really work, and why it works and how to stop it from working or reverse it. Scientology’s God Ron has hidden this physiological phenomenon as their secret, of a human function so old that it came before mankind could walk.
    The God Ron claims that 72 hours after being near a Suppressive Person you will get sick. He claims that all SPs restimulate and is the ONLY cause or source of ALL illnesses and accidents or foul-ups. But the cult also claims that ALL people that dislike and/or oppose Scientology are Suppressive Persons without exception.
    Then God Ron ordered “Disconnection”, “Fair Game”, and also the prohibition and restriction of all Ronbots from reading, listening, studying or viewing certain channels or media, literature, or talking to us, to keep them ignorant.
    The God called Ron observed the physiological reaction of the human body and brain and then invented a religion, after he discovered that study tech and auditing, comes from physiological reactions. Then he invented the fraud called PTS-SP tech, as a way to control people and encourage the suppression and victimization of humanity.
    Dianetics and Scientology is full of fraud – but it will be exposed.
    Always find the true and real source of all illnesses—The GOD RON lies.

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