Ex-Scientologist story #374, Auditing fails to cure a yeast infection.

This is the story of Kathy Cochran and her time, a long time, in Scientology.  Usually I will take a person’s story and distill it down to a synopsis that a reader can easily understand.  Not so in this case for her tale is so convoluted that it has defied my ability to make a short read of it.  I am sure an ex-member would have better luck at making sense out of this bird’s nest.

I would also like to make the point that no matter what the individual’s story is once they find the Internet, like Kathy eventually did, then they find the truth and it is curtains for Scientology.

I was pretty sick with a yeast infection.  It had been way over 24 hours, but my auditor is insisting that he arrive at my house to give me a session.  He pulled “what would Ron do?”.  And I told him point blank that I’d tell Ron to shut the F up and I wasn’t having a session.  My 24 hours had started on Saturday, it was now Tuesday (if I remember correctly).
Anyway, I take a bath hoping for some relief.  The phone rings, my auditor is on his way to my house.  Oh joy!  NOT.  I’m tired, I’m not dressed for company, I don’t want a fucking session. 
Knock on the door, there’s my auditor and another person I know from the HGC.  Time to set up a room to audit in.  Well, we start session and of course my needle isn’t floating because I’m tired and I don’t want a fucking session.  Well, lets fly your ruds.  Of course, that’s pretty much all we ever do in session.  Well, I’m sort of sitting on a withhold.  I’d gotten shit faced drunk about 10 days prior.  And I drove my car in that condition.  (Wasn’t the first time, just hadn’t done it in about 18 years.)  So we get into all of that and we run that back to when I was maybe 3 and my dad would give me the last tiny sip of his beer when we were at Colorado River water skiing.  That’s what we did in my family.  It was a “pleasure moment” being on the water, getting sun, hanging with my dad and getting the last wee sip of his beer.  I’m feeling that I’m F/N’g – not called and we get into how my dad giving me a sip of beer is wrong.  Sorry, not wrong in my world.
Well, nothing is happening in session, I think I have a dirty needle by this time.  The auditor tries to fix that.  Not happening.  So, we end off session.  No F/N called.  Not happy at all about the session.  Pissed as hell.  When they are finally gone, I tell my husband what happened.  He calls the DofP and explains that had he’d known how much worse I’d feel after the “session” he would have NEVER let the auditor in the house. 
After a few days I go back to the Org for a clean up on that session.  That doesn’t go a whole lot better.  And then I’m off lines until I see a doctor for the yeast infection that won’t go away no matter what I do.  I’ve seen a doctor, I’ve taken Diflucan, I nearly end up in the ER for my bad reaction to the drug.  I still need to go to the doctor before I’m allowed back in session.  Fuck you, this is a case situation you fucking idiots.  (Yes, I’m very pissed about the entire thing at this point.)
During all of this, my husband’s folders are supposedly being FES’d by AOLA.  My daughter calls the DofP at AOLA and gets told the truth.  His folders haven’t been being FES’d, AHSO took them back.  So basically, we’ve been being lied to for months.  Lying bastards.
So, getting back to reading all the data on the net.  Oh My God.  Other’s have experienced this same/similar crap.  Husband and I aren’t being singled out.  WTF are they doing to their public?  Just fucking with them on a daily basis?
So, now this is where I’m screaming H E L P in my head on a daily basis.  How do I get out of all this bad, bad, bad auditing?  How do I get better?  This yeast infection is going on, it’s getting close to a year with little or no relief. 
Well, I figure I need to find someone in the field to help me.  Someone outside the CofS.  So I search for something that aligns with Scn, just not the CofS.  I finally find the FZ/Ron’s Org and there is the possibility of doing this in the US (I don’t do international flights – I hate flying and I’d rather have my teeth pulled out with no Novocain). 
OK, let’s contact the FZ.  Well, that takes some time – a month or so.  I’m still dying inside.  I still have the yeast infection – 12 months and counting.  Finally, we speak to someone.  She wants me to fly to her immediately so we can audit the yeast infection.  NO, I haven’t been on a plane since 1998 (it’s now 2006) and people now like to blow up planes – not flying alone anywhere.  And we aren’t paying for two flights on short notice so my husband can come with me and hold my hand during the flight.

For the rest of the story go here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/printthread.php?t=5772&pp=40&page=1

And here is something else that is worth seeing.

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Ex-Scientologist story #373, “I thought that he was a jerk.”


June Cline was one of the privileged Scientologists who got to work with the Great Thetan, L. Ron Hubbard.

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:51:35 +0100, “Steve Carmichael-Timson” wrote:

When I got back to the States, I decided to stay with my God-Mother, June Cline. June used to work with LRH, and she had left Scientology by this time. It was perfect. One morning we went out for breakfast.

These questions of LRH were bothering me, so I asked: “What was Ron like?”

“Oh, you don’t want to ask me.”

“No, I do. I want to know what this man is like.”

“If you want to get your answer, you should ask someone in the church.”

Actually, I don’t remember the conversation, but what I do remember, is that it took a long time to get her to answer my question. Finally, she said, “I thought he was a jerk. He knew what he wanted, and he did what ever it took to get it, at any expense. He had no care for the people, he just wanted to get what he wanted. I didn’t like him very much.”

That must of hit you really hard to hear that after being brought up to believe something else.

By Scientology terms, I began to think of myself in the condition of “Doubt.”

For conditions, that’s pretty low, and nobody really likes to be there. I think the toughtest part of being in this condition, was telling my Scientology friends, my only friends. By saying I’m in doubt with Scientology, is like saying, I’m in doubt with having you as a friend. My friends didn’t take it so well. One of my best friends, Michael Coleman, wrote me a letter of disconnection, as I was no longer a safe person to talk to.

My father told me that he didn’t know if he and I should carry the father/son relationship we had. He chose the Church, at this time, over me. My friend Chris Currier called me up, and wanted me to say where I stood with Scientology. He said he wanted to hear it from the “horse’s mouth.”

Basically, I told him that I was on my way out of the church. He said, that he was disappointed to hear it, and said he was disconnecting from me. With some slight rage inside me, I told him that Scientology would never “Clear the planet.” When he asked why, I said “because there would always be someone like me around.” He called me an asshole, and that was the last we spoke.

I wonder if this is the reason people are reluctant to leave. They leave all their friends behind and if the only friends they have are from the Co$ then the feeling of lonleyness and isolation must be terrible.

My father told me that he didn’t know if he and I should carry the father/son relationship we had. He chose the Church, at this time, over me.

That must have broken your heart but to take the path towards the truth must have taken a rare kind of bravery. I salute you sasha.

Regards Steve steve.carmichael-timson@technologist.com
Skydiver/SCUBA Diver

To read the rest go here: http://www.skeptictank.org/hs/lcos4.htm

June Cline was not the only person to work closely with Hubbard who had negative things to say about him.

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