Ex-Scientologist story #374, Auditing fails to cure a yeast infection.

This is the story of Kathy Cochran and her time, a long time, in Scientology.  Usually I will take a person’s story and distill it down to a synopsis that a reader can easily understand.  Not so in this case for her tale is so convoluted that it has defied my ability to make a short read of it.  I am sure an ex-member would have better luck at making sense out of this bird’s nest.

I would also like to make the point that no matter what the individual’s story is once they find the Internet, like Kathy eventually did, then they find the truth and it is curtains for Scientology.

I was pretty sick with a yeast infection.  It had been way over 24 hours, but my auditor is insisting that he arrive at my house to give me a session.  He pulled “what would Ron do?”.  And I told him point blank that I’d tell Ron to shut the F up and I wasn’t having a session.  My 24 hours had started on Saturday, it was now Tuesday (if I remember correctly).
Anyway, I take a bath hoping for some relief.  The phone rings, my auditor is on his way to my house.  Oh joy!  NOT.  I’m tired, I’m not dressed for company, I don’t want a fucking session. 
Knock on the door, there’s my auditor and another person I know from the HGC.  Time to set up a room to audit in.  Well, we start session and of course my needle isn’t floating because I’m tired and I don’t want a fucking session.  Well, lets fly your ruds.  Of course, that’s pretty much all we ever do in session.  Well, I’m sort of sitting on a withhold.  I’d gotten shit faced drunk about 10 days prior.  And I drove my car in that condition.  (Wasn’t the first time, just hadn’t done it in about 18 years.)  So we get into all of that and we run that back to when I was maybe 3 and my dad would give me the last tiny sip of his beer when we were at Colorado River water skiing.  That’s what we did in my family.  It was a “pleasure moment” being on the water, getting sun, hanging with my dad and getting the last wee sip of his beer.  I’m feeling that I’m F/N’g – not called and we get into how my dad giving me a sip of beer is wrong.  Sorry, not wrong in my world.
Well, nothing is happening in session, I think I have a dirty needle by this time.  The auditor tries to fix that.  Not happening.  So, we end off session.  No F/N called.  Not happy at all about the session.  Pissed as hell.  When they are finally gone, I tell my husband what happened.  He calls the DofP and explains that had he’d known how much worse I’d feel after the “session” he would have NEVER let the auditor in the house. 
After a few days I go back to the Org for a clean up on that session.  That doesn’t go a whole lot better.  And then I’m off lines until I see a doctor for the yeast infection that won’t go away no matter what I do.  I’ve seen a doctor, I’ve taken Diflucan, I nearly end up in the ER for my bad reaction to the drug.  I still need to go to the doctor before I’m allowed back in session.  Fuck you, this is a case situation you fucking idiots.  (Yes, I’m very pissed about the entire thing at this point.)
During all of this, my husband’s folders are supposedly being FES’d by AOLA.  My daughter calls the DofP at AOLA and gets told the truth.  His folders haven’t been being FES’d, AHSO took them back.  So basically, we’ve been being lied to for months.  Lying bastards.
So, getting back to reading all the data on the net.  Oh My God.  Other’s have experienced this same/similar crap.  Husband and I aren’t being singled out.  WTF are they doing to their public?  Just fucking with them on a daily basis?
So, now this is where I’m screaming H E L P in my head on a daily basis.  How do I get out of all this bad, bad, bad auditing?  How do I get better?  This yeast infection is going on, it’s getting close to a year with little or no relief. 
Well, I figure I need to find someone in the field to help me.  Someone outside the CofS.  So I search for something that aligns with Scn, just not the CofS.  I finally find the FZ/Ron’s Org and there is the possibility of doing this in the US (I don’t do international flights – I hate flying and I’d rather have my teeth pulled out with no Novocain). 
OK, let’s contact the FZ.  Well, that takes some time – a month or so.  I’m still dying inside.  I still have the yeast infection – 12 months and counting.  Finally, we speak to someone.  She wants me to fly to her immediately so we can audit the yeast infection.  NO, I haven’t been on a plane since 1998 (it’s now 2006) and people now like to blow up planes – not flying alone anywhere.  And we aren’t paying for two flights on short notice so my husband can come with me and hold my hand during the flight.

For the rest of the story go here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/printthread.php?t=5772&pp=40&page=1

And here is something else that is worth seeing.

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  1. Unless you’ve been a Scientologist, most of it you won’t understand. It may not be right, but it was right at the time. Until you’ve lived the life of the person you are judging, you have no right to judge them for the choices they made.

    • The people in this series have made their own judgements about Scientology. I post them because I think that Scientology is dangerous, esp. to ones bank account. As for their thinking, such as it is, I have known many high ranking Scientologists over the years and I think I can grasp their concepts.

  2. This is a case of stupidity in the name of stats. These stupid staff at AOLA have crashing MUs on the Tech or are simply morons.
    Because there are a million references where you are told to send the PC to a doctor if she is physically ill.

    One for example is the Auditor’s Code:
    15. I promise not to mix the processes of Scientology with other practices except when the preclear is physically ill and only medical means will serve.

    Another ref is on Ability “The Scientologist a Manual on the Dissemination of Material” quote: “….illness caused by recognizable bacteria and injuryin accident are best treated by physcial means, and thes fall distinctly into the field of medicine, and are not the province of Scientology”

    Also it adds: “…Thus we have the field of medicine adressing the immediate injury…such as acute infection…and such things as contusions abrasions resulting from accidents, as well as the administration of drugs and antibiotics to prevent the demise of the patient in a crisis.
    This is the role of medicine.

    PAB 6: “I always send the PC to a medico before I audit whenever I suspect chronic illness for maybe a medico can cure it quickly”

    PAB 6: Step 4- Get physical examination and if anything is chronic, get cured.

    HCOB 12 March 1969 Issue II Physically ILL PCs and Pre OTs:
    “When you have a physically ill PC…you sure better get him to the nearest clinic for a thorough physical examination, including head and spine X-Rays and get him examined pathologically”
    This ref has A LOT about sending the PC to a doctor.

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