Ex-Scientologist story #375, Where are the OT IX’s??

David Cook reached, after many years of training and many thousands of dollars, the level of OT VII.  He looked forward to doing the next level when he hit a snag; it seems that he had been “thinking” the wrong sort of thoughts.  Scientology is always looking for faults in the members, so much so they sound disappointed when they can’t find anything good.  Such a situation cannot last for long so the cult will just dream up some imaginary.  Here is David Cook telling how the GAT is such a farce.

If you think that Scientology has just gone off the tracks in recent times and that if “real” Scientology was used there would be no problems, well, history shows that Wherever and Whenever this evil cult has shown up the results are always the same: lawsuits and scandal.  The following video clip was done sometime around 1987.

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