Ex-Scientologist story #376, Scientology “something to be wary of.”

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The death of Philip Gale, a student at MIT in 1998 was linked to his membership in Scientology.  Here is the article that appeared on April 3, 1998,  by Jennifer Chung in The Tech.  Former cult member Carlos M. Covarrubias tells his story of involvement.

Gale’s Death Prompts Questions on Scientology

Past incident adds to controversy

Some past experiences have soured the mood at MIT towards the Church,  however. Carlos M. Covarrubias ’98 was living at the Pi Lambda Phi  fraternity, next door to a chapter of the Church of Scientology in the  spring of 1995 when he briefly joined the organization.

“I was feeling lost at the time,”said Covarrubias, “Confused.”Among  other things, “I had just changed my major.”

In a way, “Scientology is attractive. It’s an escape,”Covarrubias said.  “It’s addicting; I was drawn in,”he added.

“Near the end of the term,” Covarrubias said, “they blundered.” Without  checking with Covarrubias, a high-ranking member of the Sea Organization, a  group affiliated with the Church, “called up my parents” and told them he  was leaving. His parents, who were unaware of his involvement with the  Church, “were completely shocked.” Covarrubias had been planning to join  the Sea Org, but not so quickly.

Covarrubias’s parents made plans to visit him immediately, while his  brothers at PLP  contacted  ex-Scientologists to speak with him. Before his  parents arrived in Boston, however, two Scientologists “came to help me  pack,” Covarrubias said. The brothers discovered the Scientologists and  Covarrubias packing and confronted them. “They were blocking the doorway in  the room,”recalled Covarrubias. “They weren’t going to let me leave.”  Covarrubias’s parents later arrived on the scene, and he went home with his  parents and took a year off from MIT.

“I would consider [Scientology] something to be wary of,” Covarrubias  said. “They’re pretty good. You have to be persistent in order to get away� your life is channeled where they want you to go. You lose autonomy.”

When Covarrubias recently learned that Gale had ties to Scientology, he  said that he was certain that it was related to Gale’s death.

To read the rest of the story go here: http://tech.mit.edu/V118/N16/bdeath.16n.html

Just for fun I have included an interesting video clip of Scientology getting it’s ass chewed.


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  1. The Sea Organization must be brought to justice for the slavery, human trafficking and other human rights violations that it engages in daily across the planet.

    Don’t bother trying to reason with any of them – the are thoroughly brainwashed. There is no one home. I know because I have loved ones in the Sea Org work camp in LA.

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