Ex-Scientologist story #378, Boy taken by the Sea Org.

This is the story of Gavin and his mother Valerie Coykendall.  How does Scientology treat families?  The same way the treat everyone else, unless you are a movie star; then of course you get the red carpet treatment.  But for the rest of the poor saps who have fallen into the clutches of this nasty cult it is the same story of lies, deception, arrogance, greed. avarice and cult members acting out their own sadistic fantasies.

The following was taken from The Ex-Scientologist Forum, September 7, 2010.

       At the Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival this past June 2010, an anti-Scientology cell, a wing of the internet collective Anonymous, setup their information booth in Loring Park for the second year in a row. Standing behind their homemade wooden ‘Peanuts’ inspired psychiatry booth, Anonymous members handed out pamphlets highlighting the controversial church’s stances on homosexuality, which describes those within the GLBT community as ‘subhuman degenerates’ according to the writings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
      During the course of the day, after dealing with mostly friendly members of the public, and razzing the local street preacher trying to condemn the festival-goers for their support of GLBT lifestyles, Anonymous was approached by some people with more than just a passing curiosity in the group’s presence at PRIDE.
      She introduced herself as Valerie Coykendall, whose ex-husband is a current member of the Church of Scientology branch based in Minneapolis. Valerie was quite emphatic about sharing her story with the world, and claimed that she had been attempting to get into contact with Anonymous for two years to ask the collective to bring her story to the media.
      Valerie described not only what happened to her son Gavin during his time as a member of the church. Before sharing Valerie’s story, it’s important to know the people involved, to provide better context to her explanations.
      Valerie Coykendall is married to Mark Coykendall,  and her son’s name is Gavin. Her father is Steve Taylor. Gavin’s biological father is Christopher Thomson, who is the practicing Scientologist in this story. Gavin was involved with Scientology through his father, and Valerie and Christopher shared custody of their son.

The players within the Minneapolis Scientology Org are Neta, the local ‘Ethics Officer’, Marliza, an org receptionist, Brandon Trask, a Scientologist based in Los Angeles, and Karen Wesling, a Scientology Ethics officer based in Minneapolis who had also been involved in the incident with Natalie Hegamo and her daughter.

Go here to read of this tragic story.  If there is a moral here it is never, ever, under any conditions share child custody with a Scientologist.  People who are members of that cult cannot be trusted.  http://exscnforum.com/index.php/topic/167-abduction-of-adolescent-by-the-sea-org/

Scientology hates protests or anything that has to do with negative PR.  OSA members take the brunt of the internal punishments for allowing such things to happen. LOL  Her is a 2011 picket of the San Francisco org.

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